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Knowledge is an assimulation and synthesis of facts. It is a language for talking about facts.

For scientific knowledge, the facts are observations, frequently the result of experiments. (cbb 11/07)

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Quote: deduce the nature of biological history from isolated groups of facts about geological and biological events [»wallAR9_1855]
Quote: to promote knowledge, must assist in assimilation and synthesis of facts into knowledge [»weisP6_1960]
Quote: each step in transforming knowledge to facts to guidance should be documented and connected
Quote: management information systems increase information; but can't evaluate or integrate the information into knowledge [»dedeCJ1_1988]
Quote: every scientific fact is formed of many crude facts

Subtopic: interrelated facts up

Quote: information is integrated data; knowledge is interrelated information; wisdom is meta-knowledge [»dedeCJ1_1988]
Quote: facts qualify relationships; captures content of medical knowledge
Quote: information is raw material; most be interrelated and processed to become knowledge [»weisP6_1960]
Quote: a Hypertext node can be an object that represents an idea; it is linked, moved, or modified independently [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: knowledge is all sort of knitted together [»bateG_1972]
Quote: knowledge captured as facts; facts interrelated to offer guidance [»waltPL11_1979]
Quote: facts are atoms of knowledge organized in a directed network in order to offer guidance [»waltPL11_1979]
Quote: a concept in a semantic net is a hierarchically ordered, extensive body of information; from general facts to obscure [»quilMR_1967]
Quote: conceptual graphs are a universal, language-independent deep structure; a concept is a node of the graph, a unit of knowledge [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: information is difference that makes a difference; meaning depends on relations with other parts of the world [»bateG_1979]
Quote: a poor way to form concepts is through a list of characteristics; instead the elements of a definition are richly interconnected [»fregG_1884]
Quote: Panini's grammar, Astadhyayi, is richly interdependent; must understand the complete grammar; well preserved

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Quote: quotations form the source of OED entries; editors arrange quotation slips on a desktop looking for patterns [»raymDR7_1988]

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Quote: associations is not enough: need searching by semantics, need derived information [»vandA7_1988]
Quote: the ontological assumption is that the world can be exhaustively analyzed into atomic facts; underlies AI and philosophy [»dreyHL_1979]
Quote: if there is no ultimate context to give significance to facts, fact and situation must be the same [»dreyHL_1979]
Quote: assumes that the temporal network contains all temporal relations and their consequences [»alleJF11_1983]
Quote: an information system depends on accurate, consistent data; constraints defined as part of the databases schema

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