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An enumerated type consists of a set of named states. It implements a state variable without specifying the numerical representation of each state. Enumerated types generalize boolean types with their 'true' and 'false' states. Enumerated types may be replaced, tested, or used as a set of constants. The next state in an ordered, enumerated type can be selected. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: enumerated constants up

Quote: use enumerated data type to define a new set of constants [»demeA3_1979]
Quote: all enumerated and subrange types have standard set of accessing functions such as 'first' and 'pred' [»veneT3_1978]
Quote: declare classes for enumerations and enumeration constants, with objects for enumeration values [»linsC7_1990]

Subtopic: enumeration as int up

Quote: a C enumeration is really treated as 'int'; not useful for tagged unions [»jimT6_2002]
Quote: programmers used integer and character values as status values; indicated by comments [»goodJB2_1976]

Subtopic: enumeration as case statement up

Note: an enum function is a case statement; guarantees a set of functions by object [»cbb_2000, OK]

Subtopic: string literals as enumeration up

Quote: strings are poor substitutes for value types, enumerated types, and aggregate types [»blocJ_2001]

Subtopic: notation up

Quote: for values in enumerated sets, the qualifier describes the particular element; e.g., 'coRed'
QuoteRef: hehnEC7_1975 ;;6 ordered or unordered literal values named by listing eg red, blue, green: v
QuoteRef: sammJE5_1962 ;;126 condition names (symbolic values eg true)
QuoteRef: wirtN1_1971 ;;41 scalar types by enumeration of literals (ordered so succ and pred func) eg colors = (red, orange, yellow, blue) succ (red) == orange
QuoteRef: wirtN1_1971 ;;42 array [boolean (true or false)] of color [red orange yellow blue]

Subtopic: problems with enumeration up

Quote: enumeration types should be dropt; defy extensibility and, with subranges, lead to a type explosion [»wirtN7_1988]
Quote: need to use named constants instead of enumerations if separate definition from implementation; otherwise need to recompile everything [»linsC7_1990]
Quote: if enumerations define array bounds, then the size of an array depends on the enumeration's definition [»linsC7_1990, OK]
Quote: an enumeration not only specifies names but also their ordinal positions; creates hidden information and dependencies [»linsC7_1990]
Quote: Oberon users do not miss enumerations, subranges, submodules, automatic qualifications, general indexing, for-statements, etc.

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