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Subtopic: performance measurement up

Quote: portable API for performance tools using the on-chip performance monitoring hardware; measurements per-thread; PAPI [»muccP6_2005]

Subtopic: performance up

Quote: off-the-shelf computers are as good a researchers' computers; can't buy high-performance computers to study what will be available in five to ten years [»myerB3_2000]

Subtopic: performance problems up

Quote: periodically stop development for a week to analyze and resolve performance problems; otherwise minor performance losses will accumulate [»colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: bandwidth, latency up

Quote: bandwidth improves faster than latency; when bandwidth doubles, latency improves 1.2-1.4x [»pattDA10_2004]
Quote: store data in large block sizes; balances bandwidth with latency [»pattDA10_2004]
Quote: latency improvements also improve bandwidth, but not vice versa [»pattDA10_2004]
Quote: use caching, replication, and prediction to improve latency [»pattDA10_2004]
Quote: high latency, communication overhead, and limited bandwidth will remain problems for parallel processing [»cullDE11_1996]
Quote: the LogP model of parallel computation uses latency, overhead, gap between successive sends/receives, and number of processors; fixed size messages and finite capacity network

Subtopic: capacity up

Quote: memory and storage capacity improves faster than bandwidth
Quote: storage capacity doubles every year while access time improves at 10% per year; increasingly difficult to extract data [»grayJ6_2003]

Subtopic: memory up

Quote: the limiting factor for nonvectorized code is reading operands from memory; makes workstations comparable to supercomputers [»thomCD11_1993]
Quote: memory latency is almost 1000 instructions; may be faster to recalculate than to fetch [»pattDA10_2004]

Subtopic: size up

Quote: with 0.1 micron wires, unbuffered gates can only reach 0.36 mm at 1.2 GHz; constrains design into small regions

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