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Subtopic: ethics as absolute up

Quote: moral laws admit of a canon of absolute imperatives derived through pure reason
Quote: bodies follow the laws of motion; souls follow their own laws about good and evil
Quote: Kierkegaard's spheres of existence: aesthetic (enjoyment), ethical (absolutes), religiousness A (self-annihilation) and B (cause) [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: a religious person has no doubt of the significance and loftiness of those supernatural objects and goals which neither require nor are capable of rational foundation; they exist with the same necessity and matter-of-factness as he himself [»einsA_1941]
Quote: while moral positions are a matter of individual choice, there are still objective standards for which an excuse is unacceptable; e.g., inadvertently stepping on a baby [»pitkHF_1972]

Subtopic: self-preservation up

Quote: it is a right of nature, that every may preserve his own life and limbs, with all the power he hath [»hobbT_1650a, OK]
Quote: no man can be assured of survival in a state of hostility and war; seek peace and assistance [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: ethics as reason up

Quote: moral laws alone belong to the sphere of the practical exercise of reason
Quote: a pattern language allows people to create coherent, morally sound objects through the coherence of the created whole [»alexC9_1999]
Quote: as a scientist, you must not fool yourself, nor fool others, nor fool the layman [»feynRP_1974]

Subtopic: ethics as what should be up

Quote: science ascertains what is, while religion ascertains what should be; a conflict between them appears impossible [»einsA_1941]
Quote: despite vastly better abilities, mankind has failed to understand itself; no science of what ought to be willed
Quote: everyone, in their revenges, should look for some future good
Quote: the law is the public conscience; people should not subvert the law to their private conscience and opinions [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: ethics as judgement up

Quote: whether you want something to happen or not, how you judge the value of a result, lies outside of science [»feynRP6_1956]
Quote: to make ethical decisions you must choose between alternatives, often inhibiting our desires; furthermore, what is right and wrong changes as our legal systems change

Subtopic: ethics as inhibition up

Quote: young children and all animals can not shape the moral community; limited capacity for inhibition and conceptual change [»hausMD_2000]

Subtopic: silence up

Quote: silence is consent if so intended [»hobbT_1650, OK]

Subtopic: government up

Quote: men form commonwealths to avoid war, enforce convenants, and secure justice, equity, modesty, and mercy [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: may the world be more just, peaceful, and rational [»briaD_1996]
Quote: punishment must proceed from public authority; not private revenge, nor injury to private people [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: justice up

Quote: include freedom from bias among the criteria used to judge a system; helps avoid injustices [»frieB7_1996]
Quote: equity is the equal distribution of justice to every person; the alternative is war [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: punishment should encourage the delinquent and other men to obey the laws [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: responsibility, promise up

Quote: responsibility is a key difference between people and systems; people are held responsible for their actions [»holtAW11_1966]
Quote: everything is determined, but we must act responsibly as if free will existed [»briaD_1996]
Quote: making and keeping promises anchors oneself in life; must forgive the cloud of broken promises [»carrJ4_2001]

Subtopic: religion up

Quote: the ethical and moral views of religion are consistent, and independent of scientific information
Quote: anyone can live a life worthy of the gods

Subtopic: golden rule up

Quote: for peace, a person cannot reserve any right that is not reserved for everyone [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: neighbors formed the bonds of friendship; neither to be harmed, nor to harm others

Subtopic: equality up

Quote: it is a law of nature that commerce and traffic are offered indifferently; if such is denied another, it is a declaration of hatred, i.e., war [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: error sin up

Quote: the life of man is vulnerable to errors regarding particular things because of the need to get things done [»descR_1641]
Quote: errors occur because the will extends beyond the intellect and our understanding; also sin and deception [»descR_1641]
Quote: Stoic theory of error--false ideas are part of external reality but they can't mature into clear and distinct ideas (science) [»lakaI_1976]

Subtopic: evil up

Quote: despite best intentions our efforts may go awry; the worst evil comes from people who assume that they are incapable of evil [»carrJ4_2001]
Quote: a crime is greater if against one's parents, a poor person, or in a place of devotion [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: in declared hostility against an enemy, all infliction of evil is lawful [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: preservation of life up

Quote: under threat of death, one may act against the law; the preservation of life is a law of nature [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: each animal depends on itself; those that die must be the weakest

Subtopic: happiness up

Quote: happiness is the goal of the practical, moral application of pure reason [»kantI_1781, OK]
Quote: happiness is having the power to do what one wills and to know what ought to be willed [»leibGW_1670]
Quote: a moral or ethical law has no other motive than the worthiness of being happy
Quote: do that which will render thee worth of happiness [»kantI_1781, OK]

Subtopic: simplicity up

Quote: humans labour in vain for purple raiments; there's a point beyond which having does not increase pleasure; it leads to war [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: ethics vs. knowledge up

Quote: if objectivity is the foundation of knowledge than ethics is not part of knowledge [»monoJ_1971]

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