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A process can be suspended until an event, a number of events, or a combination of events occurs. Then the process continues execution. Alternatively a process may test an event, processing may be event initiated, or control flow may be guarded by an event; as in 'loop until event A occurs'. The delay between event occurrence and program reaction may be critical. One language, CONTROL, is organized by event initiated processes with state change monitored every 1/10 second. A more formal approach is Brinch Hanson's transition commands, where delay guards show the explicit state changes needed for continuation. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: organize by event up

Quote: retrieve documents by calendar appointment; used 10x more often then traditional searches [»hullJJ3_2001]

Subtopic: events initiate action up

QuoteRef: adamEN1_1973 ;;15 statements are future imperatives (Whenever x do statement)
Quote: 1/2 of children used event-based rules in their paper solution to a programming task; no programming experience [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: an event-action language asynchronously invokes an action when certain events occur [»brueB8_1983]
Quote: define a robot event by effects, initiation and continuation conditions; system, not robot model, is responsible for event invocation and duration [»saltRM_1980]
Quote: a demand function includes the events that invoke it; specify maximum delay between request (event) and action [»heniKL1_1980]
Quote: CONTROL triggers a set when a logic input changes state; inputs scanned every 0.1 second [»ruhlRC11_1976]
Quote: DELTA events occur when an action's condition no longer holds; proceeds to next action in the object's sequence [»handP_1981]
Quote: a planbox is a stereotypical method of attempting a goal; it has preconditions, an action, and a goal; e.g., ASK whose action is MTRANS [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: in CSP, x->P describes an object engaging in event x and then doing process P [»hoarCA_1985]
Quote: program mobile robots in unstructured environment by independent reactions to events [»brooRA_1987]
QuoteRef: ruhlRC11_1976 ;;32 sets may be triggered by: change in logic input, explicit TRIGGER action from another set, from the keyboard, when a timer or counter goes to zero. when a MEASURE or POSITION operation completes
QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;102 define events routine to generate event notices (with optional parameters) default is notice destroyed when used

Subtopic: UI events up

Quote: Cedar user interface by a notifier that initiates asynchronous procedures that match input events in a TIP table [»swinDC7_1985]
Quote: a Cedar TIP table defines procedures for input events or event sequences [»swinDC7_1985]

Subtopic: wait for event up

Quote: in Mesa when a process establishes a condition, it notifies waiting processes; a waiting process retries the guard before continuing [»lampBW2_1980]
Quote: in NIL, a 'select' will wait until an input port has a true guard [»stroRE5_1985]
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;574 Wait (for event list true) (wait for n events to be true)
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;4/24/74 Waitfor storage and Signal storage to implement conditions
QuoteRef: zahnCT_1974 ;;174 until no_more_data do ... if eof then no_more_data ... this does the event exiting
QuoteRef: rtl2 ;;waitfor (key, mask, [tid])

Subtopic: publish/subscribe up

Quote: Acme reports changes to a window/file after the change is made; allows multiple agents to make changes in response to changes
Quote: a CLR event includes methods for issuing, registering, and deregistering event notifications; like properties but with different, conventionally named methods [»hamiJ2_2003]
Quote: .NET's common language specification (CLS) is a subset of its type system; unique, Unicode names, no static and instance methods or fields, properties, events, predefined types, closed

Subtopic: event handler up

Quote: a discipline type requires an event handling function for managing handles, disciplines/methods, and errors; necessary for memory management [»voKP2_2000]
Quote: exported SPIN procedures are events; the event dispatcher uses a procedure call if there is only one handler [»bersBN12_1995]
Quote: in SPIN, the primary event handler verifies handler requests and adds guards or closures [»bersBN12_1995]
Quote: programs are stored in Handy's thought bubble as a collection of event handlers; e.g., when any bee collides with any flower // subtract 1 from the flower's nectar [»paneJF9_2002]
Quote: event associations cause function execution at events such as variable reference, statement execution [»hansDR3_1978]
QuoteRef: polsPG_1972 ;;562 When testing for state change, searched list for true condition each time an interrupt comes in

Subtopic: breaking ties up

QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;62 Break event-name ties by high/low attribute-name-to-be-compared then by high/low... for scheduling priority when two events of same class at same time

Subtopic: event vs. up-call up

Quote: CycleFree methodology creates hierarchy of object contexts; use events instead of upcalls; only events run concurrently [»maysD5_2002]

Subtopic: call-back function up

Quote: a hook is a function invoked by an event; e.g., on loading a library or modifying a variable [»stallRM6_1981]

Subtopic: state machine up

Quote: event-driven state-machine programming (ESP) for programmable devices; generates a C program and SPIN model; 90% fewer lines of code, low overhead [»kumaS6_2001]
Quote: ESP language for writing firmware using event-driven state machines; fast, easily programmed, easily debugged, memory management [»kumaS6_2002]
Quote: use @-format to implement control states in event-driven software; labels to suspend and resume execution
Quote: synchronize processes by transition commands, i.e., a list of state transitions of which one must occur [»brinP9_1978]
Quote: have used transition commands to specify major parts of a message buffering scheme and the Solo operating system [»brinP9_1978]

Subtopic: event queue up

Quote: the RC 4000 include wait and get event for implementing an event queue; wait for arrival of a message or an answer [»brinP4_1969]
Quote: within a critical region, use 'await' to join an event queue and 'cause' to invoke the event [»brinP7_1972]

Subtopic: event log up

Quote: the 'event' file for an Acme window records all changes, execute, and search events for the window [»pikeR1_1994]

Subtopic: monitoring events up

Quote: an eventcount counts events in a particular class, i.e., a set of state changes [»reedDP2_1979]
Quote: a process can read an eventcount or block until an eventcount reaches some value ('await') [»reedDP2_1979]

Subtopic: problems with events up

Quote: Smartcom for Windows abandoned concurrent programming due to difficulties with Smartcom III; problems remained with efficiency, non-reentrant message handlers, and unbounded message recursion [»maysD5_2002]
Quote: the parallel composition of guarded microsteps has confusing semantics and multiple interpretations; used by VHDL, Verilog, and others [»benvA1_2003]
QuoteRef: brinP12_1973 ;;234 momentary events not useful cause timing (before-after) very important

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