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The client-server model is a standard model for distrubuted systems. One computer, the server, implements a service that processes requests from its clients. For example a file server delivers files on request.

Service discovery can be difficult in large, public systems. Other issues include authentication, security, quality of service.

Client-servers are typically implemented with message passing, defined by a communication protocol. (cbb 8/06)

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Quote: implement distributed systems via servers and clients on a local area network; clients request services from servers [»shriS7_1982]
Quote: large, distributed system by a small set of physically distinct servers that change slowly and a large set of clients [»satyM1_1992]
Quote: design distributed system as services offered by servers and negotiated by clients; only need to specify communication [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: Amoeba objects are abstract data types managed by server processes
Quote: with a workstation per user have a very low average load; no need for computation servers

Subtopic: loosely coupled up

Quote: servers should run asynchronously with respect to clients; loosely coupled, maximize throughput, prioritize requests, failover [»boswA10_2005]
Quote: an XML schema is a shared secret that ties clients and servers together

Subtopic: service discovery up

Quote: logical identification of clients and servers does not scale to thousands of sites
Quote: a Jini server responds to requests with a proxy for interacting with the server; the Java type defines its interface
Quote: a Pilot server listens for requests on an advertised network address; new network streams are assigned to a different network address [»redeDD2_1980]

Subtopic: service assignment up

Quote: a Jini component offers a resource via a lease for a specific period of time; may be cancelled by client or renewed by client and server [»waldJ7_1999]

Subtopic: protocols up

Quote: client/servers need protocols for naming, objects, operations, and transport-level data communication [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: all client/server communication via V kernel IPC facilities; for protection and autonomy [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: Clearinghouse clients are machines so all interaction must be automated [»oppeDC7_1983]

Subtopic: message passing up

Quote: a V server can process messages in any order; for scheduling flexibility
Quote: handle concurrency with a manager process that only receives and replies to messages, and several helper processes [»liskB10_1981]
Quote: in a message-passing system, the sender can use procedure call semantics while the receiver use message queue semantics [»liskB10_1981]

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Quote: a Coda open yields the most recent server copy or a cached copy; if no server on close then queues update [»satyM4_1990]
Quote: volumes needed for managing large distributed file systems; i.e., part of a single disk partition that is associated with a user [»howaJH2_1988]
Quote: a filing system is a client of the backing store server; applications have access to either [»birrAD9_1980]
Quote: a file server stores and retrieves bulk data for a local area network [»birrAD9_1980]
Quote: each major client of a file server needs a charging capability to account for file creation and storage [»birrAD9_1980]

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Quote: an authentication server can act like a notary public; validation of public keys is a natural extension of its public key service [»bootKS11_1981]
Quote: a Helix client collects a set of capabilities needed for a user session [»fridM5_1985]

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Quote: web servers normally handle 100 requests a second within an order of magnitude

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