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A programming environment is a computer dedicated to program development. It supplies software tools which are mostly text-oriented: editors, source control programs, library managers, sorters, word processors, automated test sessions, and file control utilities. Program development occurs in an integrated environment which supports and aids the user as an active participant. A similar approach is computer controlled systems for program specification and design. Using specification systems, the programmer must design in specific ways and must support all the requirements of the system. A number of companies are supporting such systems, but the individual tools developed seem more useful than each system as a whole. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: programming environment up

Quote: Smalltalk provides a flexible and enjoyable software development experience
Quote: Smalltalk is a system for defining systems; it is not a language [»goldA10_1995]
Quote: can program in Smalltalk anything that the user can do; e.g., create automatic, intelligent editors; came from Lisp [»goldA10_1995]
Quote: all computer users need a complete programming environment [»cheaTE_1976]
Quote: an environment is an organized set of tools and facilities supporting an organization of people in their work [»holtAW5_1983]
Quote: software engineering environment is for development and maintenance of large programs; management aspects are stressed [»nygaK_1981]
Quote: software development requires much more than programming (e.g., telephoning customers); an environment should support all of these activities [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: the PDL environment includes syntax checker, cross reference, consistency checks, expansion facility, and emulator [»nejmBA2_1988]
Quote: EDSAC included programming aids for debugging and getting programs right; surprisingly difficult [»wilkMV10_1975]
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;12/2/74 programming occurs in an environment

Subtopic: application engineering environment up

Quote: create an application engineering environment for producing a family of programs; include a language for specifying family members; takes about five staff years [»guptNK1_1997]

Subtopic: integrated editing up

Quote: flexible, integrated text processing is required for a programming environment
Quote: during program development often switch between editing and other tasks
Quote: an editor should be an integral part of a programming environment; full access to system from editor and vice versa [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: fast, minimalist UI for textual applications; editing, scrolling, dedicated mouse buttons, no icons, no pop-up menu; even shell procedures can use the graphical UI; based on Unix file operations and Oberon [»pikeR6_1991a]

Subtopic: rapid code-test up

Quote: can change a Smalltalk environment and its applications while the system is executing
Quote: rapid code-test cycle using on-line construction sets of example programs, frames, scripts, functional index, alphabetical index, and debugging support [»akscRM11_1993]
Quote: want automatic, incremental compilation for minor changes [»stroB_1994]

Subtopic: project database up

Quote: each CADES holon includes project management information such as start date and percentage complete [»pearDJ7_1973]
Quote: designers need help in keeping track of notes and recalling them appropriately; requires understanding of the design process and the problem [»soloE5_1984]
QuoteRef: grahRM2_1973 ;;113 All data access through DES database so can show usage info
Quote: a DSEE tasklist contains references to tasks; for managing each user's active tasks and each library's active and completed tasks [»leblDB5_1984]

Subtopic: program database up

Quote: want easy access to program information that is derived by compilers
Quote: PCM uses a database of parse trees of each program; PCM uses this information to assist with editing and display [»yonkMD10_1975]
Quote: TOPD operations work on the data-base that represents the developing program [»hendP9_1975]
Quote: PDS uses a database about the program that gives its modules and entities, their interdependence and refinement history [»cheaTE_1979]
Quote: DIF is a software Hypertext for managing software; used for a dozen systems with 40Mbytes of text [»gargPK11_1987]

Subtopic: UNIX model up

Quote: programming projects generate innumerable, small data bases for documentation and project control; time critical and wide variation [»mashJR_1976a]
Quote: constantly find new uses for UNIX tools in maintaining source programs and text; access provided by PWB [»mashJR_1976a]
Quote: programming projects tend to use UNIX commands (sort, ed, etc.) for project database management; more flexible than a database system

Subtopic: promotion model up

Quote: after each software development step, it must move to another place; avoids hidden information and insures isolation [»mcgoMJ7_1983]
Quote: software should move automatically during development; makes milestones visible [»mcgoMJ7_1983]

Subtopic: language vs. environment up

Quote: most programming language designs have not encouraged helpful programming environments [»yonkMD10_1975]

Subtopic: refactoring up

Quote: a refactoring browser can split up long routines, rename methods and variables, move code with drag and drop; e.g., Brant [»huntA_2000]

Subtopic: integration with other environments up

Quote: an advanced programming environment should easily export and import programs from the simplest development environment [»stroB_1996]

Subtopic: office-automation vs. CASE up

Quote: software developers use customized office-automation tools instead of CASE tools
Quote: Microsoft uses whiteboards and design documents instead of CASE tools [»charJ5_1997]

Subtopic: formal specification tools up

Quote: need tools for formal specifications; maintain consistency, browse, derive interactions and consequences, teach methodology [»guttJV9_1985]

Subtopic: limitations of project support, management up

Quote: software engineering environments largely ignore management concerns [»hausHL3_1981]
Quote: an integrated project support environment (IPSE) is large and complex because it attempts to manage a large, complex set of problems; expensive to develop and maintain [»browAW5_1993]
Quote: ideally an integrated project support environment should be easily customized for an organization and its projects; not currently practical [»browAW5_1993]
Quote: despite $500+ million of government support, integrated project support environments are not widely used in industry [»browAW5_1993]

Subtopic: limitations of programming environments up

Quote: several organizations are building all-encompassing software design systems; these may collapse under their own weight [»boehBW_1979]
Quote: most software engineering environments are used by their developers only [»hausHL3_1981]
Quote: programming systems are particularly useful for well specified or unspecified programs; they do not help with writing specifications [»wassAI_1983]
Quote: with structured programming, a conventional interactive programming environment is used only in the last part of the process

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