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The fact of biology proves that machines can be intelligent. Only brains are intelligent, and brains are made of neurons. Neurons are biological cells. Biologists know a lot about neurons and cellular mechansims. It is just a matter of time before they are fully understood.

In 1947, Turing proposed a thinking machine that imitated humans and roamed the countryside. While too large and too slow to be practical, it could learn from its
experiences. Once computers can learn on their own, their intelligence may surpass human intelligence.

While these views appear to be scientific, they fly against commonsense. As Wallace argued in 1870, how can mind arise from mindless parts: "Either all matter is consciousness or consciousness is something distinct from matter" [cbb 6/06]

Subtopic: biology proves intelligent machines up

Quote: biology is an existence proof for machines that perform intricate manipulations [»jacoSC4_1986]
Quote: connectionists can use the brain's existence as proof that neural networks can be intelligent [»knigK11_1990]
Quote: the molecular machines of the cell demonstrate that molecular machines work; the uncertainty principle can't be a problem [»drexKE_1986]
Quote: the brain or computer must store meanings of sentences to disambiguate sentences themselves
Quote: nanomachines will allow us to build almost anything that the laws of nature allow to exist; by arranging atoms [»drexKE_1986]
Quote: artificial intelligence must assume that people are intelligent machines [»mccaJ_1969]
Quote: the brain is a kind of computer; artificial intelligence is possible in a massively parallel machine [»churPM1_1990]
Quote: produce a thinking machine by imitating each part and letting it roam the countryside; too slow and too large to be practical [»turiAM9_1947]

Subtopic: computer as a brain up

Quote: a computer's arithmetic, control and memory parts correspond to associative neurons; input/output corresponds to sensory and motor neurons [»vonnJ6_1945]
Quote: digital computers use relay-like elements of two or more states; e.g., neurons which can be imitated by vacuum tubes at 1000x faster [»vonnJ6_1945]
Quote: if you could build a machine, a physical system, just like a human, it would think [»searJR_1984]

Subtopic: machines for concepts up

Quote: Leibniz invented first calculating machine; for manipulating concepts

Subtopic: teaching computers up

Quote: a research program for AI is to hand-code a broad knowledge base, then acquire knowledge through reading, and finally learn by discovery [»lenaDB1_1991]
Quote: if could teach computers, they could digest the world's libraries and achieve superhuman effectiveness; basic goal of AI [»schwJ_1987]
Quote: Turing created a universal machine by training, on paper, an unorganized machine with rewards and punishments; circular memory of 64 squares [»turiAM9_1947]

Subtopic: computers smarter than people, learning up

Quote: once artificial intelligence is achieved and work is unnecessary, need to change society and maybe limit the manipulation of man and machines [»schwJ_1987]
Quote: designing the germ cell (self-modifying program) of a computer would learn and solve all problems; the philosophers' stone [»zuseK_1984]
Quote: produce a thinking machine by imitating each part and letting it roam the countryside; too slow and too large to be practical [»turiAM9_1947]
Quote: intelligent machines will take control; immortal, converse with each other to sharpen their wits [»copeBJ_1999, OK]
Quote: the accumulated knowledge of mankind will be used to create thinking machines that improve themselves [»bongM_1967]
Quote: in the future, machine cerebration will dominate man; but now symbiosis is better [»lickJC_1960]
Quote: computing science may provide symbolic calculation that is better than human reasoning; Leibniz's dream [»dijkEW12_1989]

Subtopic: computer as intelligent up

Quote: computers will become intelligent when they can program themselves, based on experience; a repertoire of experience is the basis for intuition [»raymC3_1996]
Quote: the Analytical Engine could compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music from the relations of pitched sounds and musical composition [»menaLF10_1842, OK]
Quote: the cards for the Analytical Engine may contain errors; but once developed, they are valid for an infinite number of particular cases [»menaLF10_1842, OK]

Subtopic: computers can not have a mind up

Quote: a computer program can not give a system a mind [»searJR_1984]

Subtopic: mind is not emergent up

Quote: mind can not arise from mindless parts; either all matter is consciousness, or consciousness is distinct from matter [»wallAR_1870, OK]
Quote: logic is not flexible enough for thinking because consistency is too strong a requirement

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