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digital communication
document preparation
editor as the UserInterface
forms as a UserInterface
man-machine symbiosis
modes in a user interface
software documentation
uniform data model
open systems
Subtopic: documents vs. applications up

Quote: systems should be document-centered, i.e., any application anywhere in a document; e.g., Lisa and Star [»tognB4_1993]
Quote: users should never be forced to interact with only one tool [»sweeRE7_1985]
Quote: if computers are to be a primary communication tool, the document needs to be primary instead of applications [»warnJE6_1992]
Quote: opening a document inside an application is like putting your teeth inside your toothbrush before you brush them
Quote: programming, writing documentation, and building databases are all for producing a large, complex document [»mashJR_1976a]
Quote: a virtual document is active, structured information for communication; applications are tools; e.g., Illustrator format

Subtopic: UI requests vs. tools defining the UI up

Quote: Mesa tools should receive requests from the user interface instead of defining the user interface [»sweeRE7_1985]
Quote: with OLE's editing in place, you click on a graph for graph editing commands and click on text for text editing; only the menu changes [»seymJ12_1993]

Subtopic: one document per application up

Quote: ClarisWorks shows just one open document for any application to modify; one application/menu per frame; works well [»keizG6_1993]

Subtopic: document as database up

Quote: the OHCO model treats a document as a database of text elements for manipulation, searching, and combination into compound documents [»deroSJ2_1990]

Subtopic: embedded objects up

Quote: an embedded template displays a linked object as a field of the source object; allows simultaneous viewing and editing [»laiKY10_1988]

Subtopic: program documentation up

Quote: documentation should be an integral part of design and coding

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