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Basic, Comit, APL, and SL5 are oriented around a workspace or environment. The workspace acts as a blackboard where information can be recorded for latter access and manipulation. It is the user's equivalent of a computer's memory. Workspaces can be saved as a whole or by components. The workspace may hold intermediate results. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: in FQL, both programs and data are persistently stored in a workspace [»buneP1_1981]
Quote: editing the session record automatically reexecutes the edited commands; like a spreadsheet [»pembS1_1987]
Quote: APL uses a workspace that holds functions and data; a library holds a collection of workspaces [»falkAD8_1978]
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;443 snobol has named string reference while comit has only workspace

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Quote: a SUIT database maintains information about all screen objects including their location and color; updated at each invocation [»pausR10_1992]
Quote: Comit uses shelves for temporaries which act as queues [»sammJE_1969, OK]
QuoteRef: hogbD10_1971 ;;2 works of 201X62 matrix workspace with columns for temporary results

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Quote: all names are attribute names since variables, procedures, etc. are attributes of the environment [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: in SL5, identifiers are attributes of an environment; a record is an environment [»hansDR3_1978a]
Quote: environments in SL5 serve as both data structures and procedures [»hansDR3_1978a]
Quote: the environment of an applicative expression defines values for free variables [»landPJ1_1964]

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Quote: a non-local or public identifier in an environment is assigned a constant value when the environment is created [»hansDR5_1978]

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Quote: every function in HyperTalk sets 'it' implicitly; turns expressions into a sequence of statements [»myerBA_1992]

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Quote: all-or-nothing persistence saves the state of an interactive session; unstructured, cannot share values, includes volatile structures, depends on programming system

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