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In the original Turing test, an interrogator tries to distinguish a man from a woman using typed questions. Can a computer can take the place of the man and fool the interrogator? If so, machines can think. Turing was confident that computers would pass this test by the year 2000.

Computers have fooled psychatrists in an interview for paranoi. Questions that require a lifetime of experience easily distinguish computers from humans. (cbb 6/06)

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Quote: in the Turing test, an interrogator tries to distinguish a man/computer from a woman [»turiAM10_1950]
Quote: ran Turing test separately, since too confusing to interview two patients simultaneously over two communication channels [»colbKM12_1981]
Quote: survey of Alan Turing's contributions to artificial intelligence, provability vs. truth, connectionism, hypercomputation, artificial life, digital computers [»copeBJ10_2000]

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Quote: by the year 2000, computers with a gigabyte of memory will play the Turing test well; they will think [»turiAM10_1950]
Quote: in 40 years, no tangible progress has been made towards realizing machine intelligence with digital computers; may be impossible [»wilkVW8_1992]

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Quote: Parry passed the Turing test; 5 psychiatrists judged both Parry and a real patient as a paranoid patient [»colbKM12_1981]
Quote: a paper machine for playing chess acts as if it were alive; it is difficult to distinguish from a rather poor chess player [»turiAM9_1947]

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Quote: can use Turing Test for subcognitive questions that require immersion in a culture; e.g., 'Rate dry leaves as hiding places' or 'bread butter' vs. 'dog butter' [»frenRM1_1990]
Quote: subcognitive questions and Turing Test require a lifetime of experience with complex inter-relations, including useless trivia [»frenRM1_1990]

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Quote: is a book that describes Einstein's brain aware? If so, what if it is never opened up and consulted? [»penrR_1989]
Quote: the Turing Test is virtually useless as a real test for intelligence; it is like a Seagull Test in that only humans can pass it [»frenRM1_1990]
Quote: word processors are good simulations of a typewriter, but they tell nothing about how typewriters work [»searJR_1992]
Quote: if same-behavior-ergo-same-mental-phenomena than radios would be conscious; the Turing test is similarly mistaken

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