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Subtopic: writing as thinking up

Quote: when writing need different modes for different kinds of thinking [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: define one and only one place for every fact

Subtopic: writing as communication up

Quote: technical information should be geared to the specific needs of its audience [»younG_1988]

Subtopic: writing as form up

Quote: English students should be taught form instead of content; can't write clean sentences if you don't know what they are [»fishS5_2005]

Subtopic: writing as reading up

Quote: reading for the purpose of writing is fundamental; e.g., IMF economists spent 90% of their on-line, edit time reading and referring to other documents [»oharK3_1997]

Subtopic: reading as writing up

Quote: annotating and note-taking while reading are important for text comprehension and summarization [»oharK3_1997]

Subtopic: writing as questions up

Quote: outline a technical paper as a list of questions for each section [»hoffDM_2001]
Quote: identify questions first to avoid being satisfied with the easy answers [»hoffDM_2001]
Quote: design a document by stating the questions, one per section; then write the document by answering the questions [»parnDL2_1986]

Subtopic: writing as hierarchy up

Quote: readers construct hierarchical representations and remember top levels [»charD11_1987]
Quote: writing bottom-up during exploration and top-down for hierarchy [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: writing is transforming an associative network, to hierarchy, to linear [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: writers should organize text hierarchically, with explicit transitions, and a restricted vocabulary [»charD11_1987]
Quote: can break up information into short phrases in an outline; but loses flow, legibility and tutorial of normal writing [»loweDG8_1985]

Subtopic: writing as long-duration up

Quote: before computers, writing and reading were the only forms of long-duration/long-distance messages [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: how does writing programs on a computer differ from writing essays; both are long duration messages [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: writing is the greatest of all inventions because it allows one to communicate across vast distances and time [»galiG_1632]

Subtopic: poetry up

Quote: oral poetry is like a second grammar that operates with the primary grammar of a language [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: used Intermedia to teach poem by progressive disclosure; including comments by other students and teachers [»vandA7_1988]
Quote: wintertime notations of the melodies of Spring [»heinP_1972]

Subtopic: interviewing up

Quote: when interviewing contacts, list everything in the room; then use that list to write a full description of the setting [»wiggE_1975]

Subtopic: concise writing up

Quote: while brevity is good, should not eliminate expressive words [»heckP_1984]
Quote: like Noah, an author should crowd a great deal of matter into a very small compass [»brooFP_1975]
Quote: what can be said at all, can be said clearly [»dijkEW_1979]

Subtopic: editing up

Quote: writing and rewriting are the constant search for what one is saying [»heckP_1984]
Quote: in writing a book, spreads out chapters and topics around room without labels [»boltRA_1984]
Quote: using a text editor can improve the writing process and product; e.g., use for reviewing work and comments [»daiuC_1981]

Subtopic: grammar up

Quote: the rules of writing are rules because they work; like keeping your eye on the ball [»mitcR_1979]
Quote: keeping modifier near the modified thing is a property of our minds; not a rule of English [»mitcR_1979]

Subtopic: style errors up

Quote: equivocation is using the same word in different ways in the same conversation; reflects difficulty of dynamic scoping [»maclBJ_1987]

Subtopic: vocabulary up

Quote: people are better at recognizing things than recalling them; e.g., writing vocabulary of 10,000 words vs. reading vocabulary of 50,000 words [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: writing faults up

Quote: in documentation, avoid stream of consciousness (write as think) and stream of execution (write as it happened); difficult to find information [»parnDL2_1986]

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