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Personal information includes contacts, calendar, task lists, medical history, personal history, geneology, daily events, clippings, files, photographs, momentoes, and archives.

Personal information is richly interconnected and loosely structured. The information is already known. A personal information manager can help keep track of the information. (cbb

Subtopic: requirements for personal information up

Quote: a personal information system must allow free format text, dynamically defined structure, and arbitrary report formats [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: use paper for reminding, long-term memory, and reference; all ages [»whitS6_2001]

Subtopic: shared information up

Quote: persona and social networks should persist between Web sites; unless a user assumes a different persona [»ramaR8_2007]

Subtopic: studies of personal information up

Quote: survey of personal paper information collected during an office move [»whitS6_2001]
Quote: the STAIRS study used the lawyers and paralegals who selected the 40,000 documents in the collection; like a personal document collection [»blaiDC1_1996]
Quote: users find that Agenda improves personal organization and effectiveness

Subtopic: personal archives up

Quote: despite reviewing their paper archives, workers retained huge archives after the move; 18 mover's boxes, tossed 20% [»whitS6_2001]
Quote: 17% of personnel archives were handwritten, working notes for current projects; accessed frequently [»whitS6_2001]
Quote: 23% of personal archives were completed projects; reports, marketing data, code; for queries and related projects [»whitS6_2001]
Quote: 9% of personal archives were legal or administrative data; infrequently accessed, irreplaceable [»whitS6_2001]
Quote: half of personal archives was publicly available or unread; for reminding, availability, trust, or sentiment [»whitS6_2001]

Subtopic: filer vs. piler up

Quote: filers vs. pilers; both accessed similar amounts of information; pilers better at discarding information; does not scale [»whitS6_2001]

Subtopic: ephemeral information up

Quote: ephemeral information includes electronic mail, to do lists, and memos; serve a reminding function, large quantities, can not be filed away [»barrD7_1995]

Subtopic: notes up

Quote: an Agenda item is a single phrase or sentence that represents an idea, task, reminder, fact, etc. [»kaplSJ7_1990]

Subtopic: annotation up

Quote: handwritten annotations did not have long-term benefits; useful for short-term
Quote: use time and location to simplify a minimal-attention user interface; uses a clock and GPS [»pascJ9_2000]
Quote: an Agenda item or category may have an attached note (additional text); accessible by pointing [»kaplSJ7_1990]

Subtopic: sorting notes up

Quote: experienced NoteCards users put all notes in one filebox and use a sketch card to form related piles; when stable, turned into fileboxes [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: structure arises out of the grouping of similar items and intergroup relationships; and not from hypertext links between items [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: an Agenda category is an ordered list of items and notes that structure the database; e.g., 'Things to read', 'Errands' [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda items tend to be filed in only a few places; why filing cabinets work acceptably [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: assigning an item to a category makes an assertion about the item; e.g., that Smith will write the press release
Quote: an Agenda view is an assignment of items/notes to one of several categories [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: an Agenda view is constructed by arranging categories in rows and columns; selection, demarcation, and annotation [»kaplSJ7_1990]

Subtopic: personal information retrieval up

Quote: users had no difficulty in finding their working information; used repeatedly at a known location [»barrD7_1995]

Subtopic: retrieval by calendar up

Quote: retrieve documents by calendar appointment; used 10x more often then traditional searches [»hullJJ3_2001]
Quote: use public entries in on-line calendars: helps meeting organizers, potential attenders, and locating individuals [»paleL12_1997]

Subtopic: notes vs. essay up

Quote: assembly of text notes can become the writing of text without a sharp break

Subtopic: personal information system up

Quote: imagine a personal, high-speed, table-lookup device with published information cartridges [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: a Memex is a personal information retrieval system [»bushV7_1945]
Quote: what are the effects of a light-weight, inexpensive information device [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: a Dynabook is a personal information device; a dynamic medium for creative thought [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: most common use of NoteCards is as a personal information system [»halaFG4_1987]
Quote: NoteCards users evolve their own online 'habitats' [»trigRH11_1987]
Quote: work on Xanadu started in 1960 for handling text notes and manuscripts [»nelsTH8_1965]
Quote: Star's file drawers and mail in-baskets are also databases; can be queried [»smitDC4_1982]
Quote: Agenda represents fields and values by categories [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda categories become the words of a language for describing information and its interrelationships [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda's categories forms a vocabulary for making assertions about items [»kaplSJ7_1990]

Subtopic: problems with archives up

Quote: for most users old information is generally not useful information; not worth archiving
Quote: users failed at establishing elaborate filing schemes for archived information; too much time and effort [»barrD7_1995]

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