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data acquisition
logging data and events
processing a sequence
sequence reduction
Subtopic: time series analysis up

Quote: time series analysis should be linear in time and sublinear in space; use data reduction/transformation, indexing methods, and flexible similarity searching [»shasD_2004]
Quote: StatStream monitors 30,000 time series data streams for statistics and highly correlated pairs; use DFT and grid files; easily parallelized [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: sliding window statistics up

Quote: sliding window statistics by subdividing the window into basic windows; efficient elimination of old data and incorporation of new data [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: multi-dimensional index up

Quote: the R-tree is a multi-dimensional index by bounding boxes; like the B-tree; efficient for points and regions [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: discrete Fourier transform, DFT up

Quote: rhythmical live movements can be determined within a few millimetres by a three or four term Fourier series [»bernN_1935]
Quote: a few coefficients of the discrete Fourier transform capture most of the energy in pink (music), brown (stock), and black (ocean) noise [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: piecewise linear up

Quote: piecewise aggregate approximation divides a time series into equal parts and records the average values; good for distance between series [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: singular value decomposition, SVD up

Quote: approximate a time series with singular value decomposition; good Euclidean distance; handles short bursts [»shasD_2004]

Subtopic: sketch pool up

Quote: compare white noise by comparing to a sketch pool of random time series; sequences are similar if they are near to the same member of sketch pool

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