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Knuth's attribute grammars provide contextual determination of syntax. Attributes are associated with symbols, and are combined by attribute rules. Attributes are propagated to every node. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: attribute grammars automatically handle the repropagation of consistent attribute values after an editing change [»repsT11_1987]
Quote: the problem with attribute grammars for language-based editors and immediate computation is their inefficient visits to every node [»repsT11_1987]
Quote: a property grammar is a regular, context free grammar with a property table mapping right-hand side elements to the left-hand side [»ahoAV_1973, OK]
QuoteRef: chomN_1965 ;;85 subcategorization rules in a grammar to give a property list for words (a lexicon) along with possible transformations back and forth
QuoteRef: knutDE6_1968 ;;130 attribute grammars-- synthesized and inherited (from top non-terminals eg binary numbers attributes of value, scale, length of sub- parts digit
Quote: attribute definition continues until the root attributes constitute the 'meaning' of the derivation tree [»knutDE6_1968]
QuoteRef: knutDE6_1968 ;;134 can define semantics using synthesized attributes but is non-intuitive
Quote: use inherited attributes when part of the meaning of a construction depends on its context [»knutDE6_1968]
Quote: can define programming languages with an ordered attribute grammar; automatically construct compiler algorithms
[»kastU_1980, OK]

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