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A name can be a hierarchy of names. Each directory defines a naming context for its subdirectories. There may be a constant number of levels or arbitrary nesting. Hierarchical names are widely used in file systems and the Internet. In a relational database, each data item has a three-level name: schema, table, index. (cbb 12/00)
Subtopic: hierarchical name as decentralized naming authorities up

Quote: a hierarchical name allows decentralization and suggests a search path [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: an Internet domain is a naming authority [»suZS8_1982]
Quote: Internet's hierarchical names allows decentralized name management and growth [»suZS8_1982]
Quote: a partitioned name is a hierarchy of domains to a specific object; domains must not overlap [»hauzBM10_1986]
Quote: in Inferno and Plan 9, all resources have a hierarchical file name in a forest of file systems and in a private name space [»dorwSM1_1997]

Subtopic: owner of object up

Quote: transfer ownership of objects between processes; only one owner at a time; if transferred in sequence, returned at block end [»eastI4_2003]
Quote: with hierarchical naming, it is an axiom that a parent speaks for the children; the child delegates authority to the parent [»lampBW6_2004]
Quote: every key is the root of a name space; by signing Q==>K/N, Q speaks for K/N [»lampBW6_2004]
Quote: believe K_Alice==> by trusting that K_com==>com; e.g., as signed by Verisign

Subtopic: hierarchical naming as context up

Quote: an Internet domain consists of a concatenation of simple names
Quote: each object directory has a unique global name prefix
Quote: form name for a subprogram by concatenating all embedded names [»boocG1_1982]
Quote: an address tumbler is a universal, unique identifier; hierarchically defined [»nelsTH1_1988]
Quote: define a hierarchical naming system by assigning a named context to each local name [»younEJ3_1992]
Quote: composite names convey additional information; e.g., state and country for a city [»kentW_1978]

Subtopic: hierarchical namespace for security up

Quote: a hierarchical namespace provides containers for protecting objects; mandatory and discretionary protection by endowing subdirectories with trust; better than flat namespace [»kampPH7_2004]

Subtopic: shared vs. private up

Quote: Smalltalk names objects within a private address space while Unix uses a shared file system; Unix has many more organizational productivity tools [»coxBJ7_1983]

Subtopic: file hierarchy up

Quote: refer to objects via the index of a capability pointing to a directory [»dennJB3_1966]
Quote: a hierarchical directory structure enables passing a subhierarchy to computations and principals
Quote: each principal has a root directory of retained objects

Subtopic: structure of the naming hierarchy up

Quote: should hierarchical name have a constant or a variable number of levels [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: a Clearinghouse names consists of localName:domain:organization [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: three-level hierarchical names simplify naming while still allowing merges of networks [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: Dalgarno developed a universal language based on a hierarchical classification with three letter codes; e.g., 'g' is 'Qualitas Sensibilis', 'ga' is tactus, and 'gan' is humiditas [»sparK7_1972]
Quote: in almost all folk biologies, life form and generic taxa named by primary lexemes; specific and varietal taxa named by secondary lexemes [»berlB2_1973]
Quote: data in relational database addressed by relation name, attribute name, and primary key [»coddEF2_1982]

Subtopic: relative names in hierarchy up

Quote: relative names allow hierarchical representation of documents; links are independent of the physical or logical location [»bernT8_1994]

Subtopic: merging domains up

Quote: should be able to join naming universes, e.g., north america merged via area codes

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