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If abstraction is not by common attributes, nor by ideal forms, or by name, then we're left with simple resemblance like the resemblance between members of a family. This is a skeptical approach since resemblance is a subjective criterion. (cbb 4/94)
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Quote: to explain something, find what provides that trait; e.g., fire, being the hottest, is the reason why other things are hot; a prototype
Quote: abstraction results from our ability to merge similar experience into an object [»ingaDH8_1981a]
Quote: familiarity is the source of much of the organization and order of conscious experience; even for an elephant in your room [»searJR_1992]
Note: can teach the concept of analytical truth just as one can describe a 'dog' even though can't give a rigorous definition [»quinWV1_1951, OK]
Quote: can know how a clarinet sounds but not say what it is; similarly with the concept of 'games' [»wittL_1958a]

Subtopic: family resemblance up

Quote: don't think about what's common about 'games', look; there are multifarious relationships continually changing [»wittL_1958a]
Quote: the things called 'games' form a family, and their similarities are family resemblances [»wittL_1958a]
Quote: the possible shapes of an animal has similar properties with the possible shapes of a handwritten letter [»thomR_1975]
Quote: prototype as family resemblance of attributes within category and least overlap with other categories [»roscE10_1975]

Subtopic: similarity up

Quote: survey of clustering to group items by similarity; pattern representation, similarity measure, grouping, cluster representation, applications; subjective evaluation [»jainAK9_1999]
Quote: Chameleon hierarchical clustering algorithm accounts for interconnectivity and closeness; adapts to the merged clusters [»karyG8_1999]

Subtopic: not different up

Quote: things are united when they do not differ in a form that is indistinguishable to sense; e.g., wine and water [»aris_322a]

Subtopic: overlapping fibers up

Quote: the strength of a concept is like the strength of a thread; both depend on the overlapping of many fibers

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