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Reversible functions produce no side effects, but some functions must have side effect (e.g., changing the current position during sequential access).

Procedures typically have side effects, like an assignment.

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Quote: side effects result from hidden access to a variable; e.g., declaring a block within a block [»maclBJ_1987]
Quote: a data flow language does not have side effects [»ackeWB_1979]
Quote: programming traditionally uses two kinds of data flow -- expression nesting and variable assignment and reference; leads to side-effects and multi-value wrappers [»edwaJ10_2005]

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Quote: no side effects to spreadsheet formulas. In general, want to minimize side effects, provide clear cause-and-effect relations, and trace/debug the results [»myerBA_1992]
Quote: the interface between the parts of X+Y is a single number

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QuoteRef: smitDC6_1975 ;;82 most operations are reversible

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Quote: probe..endprobe to evaluate an expression without side effects [»heerJ4_1985]

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Quote: languages in which erroneous programs have arbitrary side-effects are non-secure because every module must be proven error free before any can be [»stroRE5_1985]

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Quote: an Aleph predicate or action may have side-effects; a question or function may not [»boscR9_1973, OK]
Quote: with Pancode, conditional evaluation of predicates can be done without side-effects or sentinels [»jonsD8_1987]

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Quote: 35% of embedded functions are void f(void); i.e., for side effects

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