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Quote: examples of large decentralized systems: world telephone system, world travel reservation system, electronic financial system [»grayJN6_1986]
Quote: ITT 1240's physical structure is spatially distributed; its software structure is spatially, functionally, and hierarchically distributed [»bonaR_1981]
Quote: ITT 1240 software consists of 200 types of FMMs exchanging messages, either directly or through a digital switching network [»katzL_1981]
Quote: ITT 1240 software uses system support machines for frequently-used modules; invoked by procedure call instead of message [»katzL_1981]
Quote: most ITT 1240 FMMs are assigned to processors independently of the code [»katzL_1981]

Subtopic: distributed data up

Quote: Google's scalable distributed file system was designed for frequent component failure and huge, append-only files [»gherS10_2003]

Subtopic: electronic banking up

Quote: electronic-banking is an example of an open, distributed system [»hewiC4_1985]

Subtopic: internet up

Quote: the ARPANET IMP's are one of the longest-running distributed computations [»shocJF3_1982]

Subtopic: Clearinghouse up

Quote: Clearinghouse at Xerox: several hundred ethernets and several thousand workstations, servers and hosts [»demeA8_1987]
Quote: Clearinghouse is decentralized and replicated [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: a Clearinghouse contains information needed by system administrators of the distributed environment; e.g., users and workstations

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Quote: Helix supported almost 1000 workstations, 50 file servers, and 15 LANs in 1984 [»fridM5_1985]
Quote: the V kernel is derived from Thoth and Verex [»cherDR4_1984]
Quote: designed occam for efficiency in an distributed implementation; same program is then also valid for a single computer [»mayD_1987]
Quote: Amoeba is an object-oriented distributed operating system [»vanrR10_1988]
Quote: Amoeba consists of workstations, pool processors for dynamic allocation, specialized servers, and wide-area network gateways [»vanrR10_1988]
Quote: Amoeba assumes the normal case is processes on different machines; optimizes for distributed system
Quote: DSEE uses parallel builds to reduce system build time; up to 10x faster than serial builds [»leblDB11_1987]

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Quote: use fully self-organized, pairwise key management for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET); authority-based approaches do not work well, e.g., problems with certificate renewal and revocation [»vandJ4_2007]

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Quote: implement rural information network by a few computers with interactive protocol interpreters [»gammR_1982]

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Quote: a worm program maintains a communicating set of segments on several machines; foundation for a distributed user program [»shocJF3_1982]

Subtopic: registry up

Quote: the Access Center can download protocols for information services into the Telecomputer; lasts at least a year [»morgC4_1982]

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Quote: services joins a Jini federation by multicast to the well-known port of lookup services [»waldJ7_1999]
Quote: a Jini server responds to requests with a proxy for interacting with the server; the Java type defines its interface

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Quote: Satchel uses tokens to retrieve documents any time, anywhere with mobile devices, printers, and workstations

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