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A desirable goal for programming languages is uniform program representation. The same language used for global design should be used for implementing device drivers. This allows all information to be explicitly stated, with conceptual economy, in a manner understandable by all users. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: every system part in Smalltalk has the same power as the whole
Quote: all parts of a system should work similarly since any difference requires additional effort to control [»ingaDH8_1981a]
Quote: Self emphasizes concreteness, uniformity, and flexibility: program by copy-and-modify, uniform objects and messages, flexible slot structure [»smitRB10_1995]
Quote: the entire Self environment is available for direct deconstruction or modification; e.g., add a resize button to a simulation from the resize entry on a menu [»smitRB10_1995]
Quote: a system should be built with a minimum set of unchangeable, generalized parts in a uniform framework [»ingaDH8_1981a]

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Quote: everything in Self is an object, and an object consists of named slots [»smitRB10_1995]
Quote: for transformations, want the same language for specification, procedures, and assembly code; otherwise limits usefulness [»boylJM5_1999]
Quote: the less needed to explain a language feature, the better its design [»demeA_1978]
Quote: a regular language has many formal descriptions [»hoarCA2_1974]
Quote: original goal for ML was a natural-like language for all computer interaction [»spooCR4_1986]
Quote: instead of concentrating on semantic features, ML seeks a uniform syntactic approach for expressing any semantics [»spooCR4_1986]

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Quote: a complete language does not depend on other languages for its semantics [»backJ_1973, OK]

Subtopic: type and object the same up

Quote: prototypes are especially helpful for user-interface programming; use the same tools to edit objects and their definitions [»smitWR10_1995]

Subtopic: command and programming language the same up

Quote: unify programming and command languages by removing distinctions between programs, procedures, files and variables [»heerJ4_1985]
Quote: if programming and command languages are unified then calling a procedure is the same as running a program [»heerJ4_1985]
Quote: Forth's application oriented vocabulary removes the need for interfaces to other languages [»rathED10_1976]
Quote: a unified programming and command language needs to handle integers, texts, and directories; both small and large scale data [»heerJ4_1985]

Subtopic: universal low-level language, type system up

Quote: .NET's common language specification (CLS) is a subset of its type system; unique, Unicode names, no static and instance methods or fields, properties, events, predefined types, closed
Quote: a shared type system is necessary to integrate multiple languages [»hamiJ2_2003]
Quote: a language should allow control below the level of Pascal-like languages [»shawM3_1980]
Quote: CLR does not specify method overloading; compiler explicitly specifies whether a method is virtual, non-virtual, or new [»hamiJ2_2003]

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Quote: define global directives with the same effect on many types of aggregates [»hallJC5_1974]
Quote: there should be a single language for all aspects of software engineering from initial conception to use [»rossDT_1970]

Subtopic: avoid idiosyncratic language up

Quote: idiosyncratic interfaces are not usable for widely reusable components and generic programming; interfaces should be obvious and consistently applied [»dehnJC4_1998]

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Quote: producing valid systems is a domain dependent activity

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