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Program syntax analysis produces a tree representation from language atoms, language operators, and grammar non-terminals. The underlying grammar can be BNF, syntax diagrams based on BNF, or ad hoc rules. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: sequential formula translation up

Quote: sequential formula translation using a stack-based, push-down automaton; executes parentheses-free and parenthetical structures [»baueFL_2002]

Subtopic: syntax is compile time up

Quote: a property is syntactic if it can be determined at compile time; e.g., type correctness in a strongly typed language [»grieD7_1990]

Subtopic: database syntax up

Quote: incremental computation of database updates using comprehension syntax; maintains consistency while updating a value; efficient, strict or lazy updates [»nakaH10_2001]
Quote: used comprehension syntax and functional programming for the Kleisli data integration system; handles all popular bioinformatics systems [»wongL9_2000]

Subtopic: grammar specification up

QuoteRef: wirtN7_1973 ;;49 syntax diagrams with branch options, ovals literals, and rectangles literal classes. quite clear
QuoteRef: naurP1_1963 ;;the metasymbols of Backus-Naur form are brackets, symbolic names, literal values, ::=, and | for 'or'
Quote: TOPD deduces classes and procedures by statements of the appropriate form; e.g., CHR.TEST in class CHAREADER [»hendP9_1975]
Quote: represent a vocabulary word with a type, left and right syntactic context, and left and right semantic context of the word [»rossDT_1963]
Quote: ASDL, abstract syntax description language, for describing intermediate representations; concise data structure definitions, pickling functions, and automated implementation; simplification of ASN.1 [»wangDS10_1997]
Quote: an ASDL type is defined by productions that enumerate the type's constructors; e.g., stm = Compound(stm, stm) | Assign(Id, exp) | Print (exp, list) [»wangDS10_1997]

Subtopic: random parse tree up

Quote: generate SQL by random parse trees and delayed decisions; propagate state information downwards and decisions upwards [»slutD8_1998, OK]

Subtopic: distfix operator up

Quote: a distfix operator is a symbol that is distributed among its operands; e.g., if..then..else [»joneSL2_1986]

Subtopic: syntax analysis up

Quote: description of context-free parser; carries along all possible parses simultaneously [»earlJ2_1970]
Quote: transform natural language into the first-pass, plex structure via a left-to-right scan of the sentence; models the sentence but not the problem itself [»rossDT_1963]
Quote: parser which runs in linear time for most useful, context-free grammars; like LR(k) or top-down [»earlJ2_1970]
Quote: syntactic analysis by transversing diagrams of nodes and conditional paths [»conwME7_1963, OK]
Quote: Parsley uses MD (mixed direction) parsing; both top-down and bottom-up
QuoteRef: noshK_1972 ;;217 Formal-2 takes input and parses it into a tree using forms and backtracking. Matches done on longest match first.

Subtopic: syntax error handling up

Quote: handle syntactic errors with a table of erroneous productions; appropriate error message and recovery [»wirtN1_1968]
Quote: second order errors allow multiple symbols; must scan to the recovery symbol for that error; algorithm given [»kantE7_1986, OK]

Subtopic: syntax tree up

Quote: transform source code into XML for re-engineering and migration; represents all or part of the abstract syntax tree for multiple languages; expands text six-fold [»mcarG10_2002]
Quote: in a syntax tree, interior nodes are operators and leaves are operands with pointers into the symbol table [»ahoAV_1973]
Quote: use abstract syntax instead of strings to represent programs in the defining language; avoids parsing into structured data objects; e.g., integers vs. digit strings [»reynJC8_1972]
Quote: use abstract tree matching to check the parse tree of a use pattern
QuoteRef: grieD_1971 ;;23 syntax trees show the structure of a sentence i.e., how formed of non-terminals.
QuoteRef: olloA_1974 ;;150 converts concrete syntax (BNF) to abstract syntax (a tree) to transform-abstract-syntax (tree of operators/operands with attached meaning on edges such as op1 op2 operator)

Subtopic: semantic routines up

Quote: an interface should solve only one problem and let client routines do the rest; e.g., a parser calls client-supplied semantic routines [»lampBW10_1983]

Subtopic: problems with syntax analysis up

Quote: FORTRAN ignores blanks and allows keywords as variables; makes syntactic analysis difficult; e.g., 'if (i-1)' [»maclBJ_1987]
QuoteRef: wegnE11_1973 ;;704 if if bool then bool1 else bool2 then s1 else s2;

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