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A simple programming technique is "remembering" previously executed steps. The problem is worked out manually for later automatic execution. Alternatively the program can be built from previous executed commands. The advantage of walk-through construction is rapid experimentation and testing which, once finished, works correctly. It is suitable for non-programmers. This method is commercially used in setting up fixed action robots. A limited form of walk-through is query on insufficient information. Thus, prompted input guides the user to problem solution. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: guided training up

Quote: Unimate robots programmed by a trainer guiding the robot through the desired steps [»smitDC6_1975, OK]
Quote: with curlybot, children quickly learn to create and modify intricate gestures [»freiP4_2000]
Quote: with curlybot, about a quarter of the children made geometric shapes; 4 of 81 made gestural recordings with accelerations and pauses [»freiP4_2000]
Quote: children made large and fast gestures with curlybot; less accurate reproduction and fell off platform [»freiP4_2000]

Subtopic: programming by demonstration up

Quote: with Gilt, specify most widget call-backs by demonstration; part of Garnet
Quote: program Papert's turtle by stepping through the program with a button box; start remembering, do it, repeat, etc. [»smitDC6_1975, OK]
Quote: demonstrational interfaces let the user construct a program by performing actions on example objects [»myerBA8_1992]
Quote: MacDraw has a demonstrational interface for specifying the offset for duplicating an object [»myerBA8_1992]
Quote: PYGMALION constructs a program as a side effect of the user performing a calculation; allows better understanding [»smitDC6_1975]
Quote: 4-year olds can program PYGMALION with subroutines, recursion, and iteration; often error free [»smitDC6_1975, OK]
QuoteRef: smitDC6_1975 ;;89 "The standard mode for writing programs is what other systems consider to be debugging mode
Quote: KidSim uses graphical rewrite rules and programming by demonstration; allows children to specify behavior without programming [»smitDC7_1994]
Quote: programming by demonstration does not require knowledge of rule semantics; fits with graphical rewrite rules

Subtopic: transforming data up

Quote: transformations shown at once on visible records; like a spreadsheet
Quote: interactive development of transformation by graphical operations or example transformations; user-defined domains and constraints
Quote: compile program from a sequence of transformations; undo as needed; optimize [»ramaV9_2001]
Quote: do not modify data when exploring transformations; instead, create a view on the visible records [»ramaV9_2001]

Subtopic: programming as example up

Quote: with Subtext, every function is an example of its execution; every node has a value [»edwaJ10_2005]

Subtopic: usage cliches up

Quote: usage cliches should be given first class syntactic status in programming languages, databases, and knowledge representation [»ridjD6_1983]
Quote: determine output from input by describing one step of the algorithm; corresponds to device operation for one input cycle [»kuznOP6_1972]
Quote: ancient Babylonian algorithms from 1800-1600 B.C.; "This is the procedure"; no branching [»knutDE7_1972]

Subtopic: interactive correction up

QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;244 user talked through command if it is incomplete

Subtopic: applying steps to arguments up

Quote: REX re-executes a choice of one or more input lines; the list is called a recipe [»clarIA_1978]
Quote: AGAIN repeats the last commands on a new selection; up to the previous selection [»smitDC_1982]

Subtopic: filtered training up

Quote: with Gilt, specify filter expressions for user interface widgets by demonstration or icon selection; filters implemented by constraints [»myerBA11_1991]

Subtopic: problems with walk-through up

Quote: difficult to infer the user's actions from a demonstration; requires user testing and prototyping [»myerBA8_1992]

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