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database as a model of reality
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uniform data model
using a world model in robotics


A software engineer creates a model of reality in software. This is more stable than a set of functional requirements. The model is typically by objects and events. (cbb 5/94)
Subtopic: model of reality up

Quote: a good design models some aspect of reality. Concepts are classes with inheritance to show relationships. Multiple levels of abstraction [»stroB_1991]
Quote: a software engineer creates models of physical situations in software [»fairRE_1985]
Quote: by basing software development on a model of the subject matter, can allow for continual change in the specifications [»jackMA2_1984]
Quote: a functional specification must refer to an explicit model of reality; otherwise have confusion and misunderstandings [»jackMA2_1984]
Quote: a model of the real world is more robust than a set of functional requirements [»jackMA2_1984]
Quote: we need an external model to portray the properties of a complex system; the model itself is a system [»handP_1981]
Quote: provide a potential for action using a selective rendering of the physical world [»laurB_1991]

Subtopic: program as model up

Quote: a program is a program about something; it has a systematic correspondence to reality [»winoT_1986]

Subtopic: object model up

Quote: model real world with objects that change and exist over time and events that happen at specific times and cause change [»shawC7_1987]
Quote: objects exist; their life histories consist of the events they participate in; can be anything with a history [»shawC7_1987]
Quote: an object is an arbitrary set of things, which may or may not be in the computational system [»kentW6_1991]

Subtopic: database model up

Quote: both end users and DBMS application programmers should have the same logical level of abstraction [»coddEF_1990]

Subtopic: event model up

Quote: events involve objects and cause modifications; instantaneous and irreversible without any life history [»shawC7_1987]
Quote: the alphabet (events) for an object simplifies its behavior; e.g., ignore emptying the coin box of a vending machine [»hoarCA_1985]
Quote: JSD models reality by grammars that describe the behavior of some entity in terms of events [»jackMA2_1984]
Quote: to describe patterns of behavior, first pick names for types of events; i.e., event classes [»hoarCA_1985]

Subtopic: process or behavioral model up

Quote: process paradigm corresponds to active entities in a physical system interacting through interfaces [»stroR10_1986]
Quote: in CSP, describe the environment of a process as a process [»hoarCA_1985]

Subtopic: AND/OR tree up

Quote: an attack tree is an AND/OR threat model; OR nodes are alternative attacks, AND nodes are steps to implement the attack [»schnB_2000]
Quote: evaluate a system's vulnerabilities by propagating leaf nodes to the attack tree's root; e.g., PGP

Subtopic: task model up

Quote: artificial intelligence represents the task environment with a symbolic structure and a systematic correspondence

Subtopic: extensive models not needed up

Quote: formal methods do not help with conceptual models and high-level structuring; both require experience; formal specification gives a false feeling of confidence [»tretJ9_2001]
Quote: the limited modeling of object-oriented programming suffices for most applications; typically shared properties; better than other paradigms [»taivA11_1997]
Quote: attempting to render the physical world completely would quickly bring the world's most powerful computers to their virtual knees

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