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A fact concerns the relationship and connections between things, not the things themselves. Attributes relate all entities that share the same attribute.

Mathematics and science study these relationships. (cbb 11/07)

Subtopic: facts as relationships; the connections between things up

Quote: a sentence is words placed into a relationship with one another; generate 20 sentences from 5 random words [»fishS5_2005]
Quote: the relationships within a sentence concern actors, their actions, and the objects of those actions; a limited set of possibilities [»fishS5_2005]
Quote: uniqueness of an object depends only on its external relations; exactly the opposite of a value [»maclBJ12_1982]
Quote: sense is a name for our background familiarity that makes intelligibility possible; replaces being as ultimate ground [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: mathematicians study the relations between objects, not the objects themselves; i.e., they study form; matter does not engage their attention [»poinH_1902, OK]
Quote: whoever speaks of absolute space uses a meaningless phrase; space is relative to other objects, e.g., place du Pantheon [»poinH_1908, OK]
Quote: one person's entity is another person's relationship while relations represent both in the same way
Quote: all facts are connections between things instead of attributes or relationships [»kentW1_1984]
Quote: almost everything in an information system is a relationship [»kentW_1978]
Quote: facts are the units of medical knowledge; facts state relationships, form structure of knowledge [»waltPL11_1979]
Quote: linked representations and the existence of representations is the fundamental basis for representing information [»kentW_1978]
Quote: need to know what a fact connects and why [»kentW1_1984]
Quote: in conceptual modeling, relations are between objects instead of names of objects [»borgA1_1985]
Quote: information is difference that makes a difference; meaning depends on relations with other parts of the world [»bateG_1979]
Quote: in fact-based analysis, start with facts instead of entities; do not need to distinguish relationship from attribute [»kentW1_1984]

Subtopic: descriptive entities up

Quote: a role name (a fact) associates an entity with a descriptive entity; e.g., COLOR OF PART, PART NAME/GEAR, and COLOR NAME/BLUE [»senkME1_1973]

Subtopic: connect multiple things up

Quote: facts can connect any number of things, e.g., John bought a certain computer at Sears [»kentW1_1984]
Quote: if a fact connects several things of one type, need to know their roles [»kentW1_1984]

Subtopic: roles and entity types up

Quote: for each fact specify an identifier, a relationship name, entity type for each role (if necessary), least and most participations [»kentW1_1984]
Quote: a pseudo-record contains one field for each role in a fact [»kentW1_1984]
Quote: a relationship type (a fact) has a name and a fixed number of things [»kentW1_1984]

Subtopic: attributes and relations are the same kind up

Quote: attributes and relationships are the same kind of information

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