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Data commpression reduces the space occupied by data. It takes advantages of redundancies in the data. For example, a sequence of sorted integers are compressed using the deltas between successive integers.

Examples include compressed database, compressed disk, compressed images, compressed data structures.

Lossless, irreversible compression is used for image data. (cbb 2/07)

Subtopic: compressed database up

Quote: data base compression by null suppression, digram encoding, fixed and variable length codes [»seveDG1_1983]
Quote: use a skipped index for fast queries in a compressed database [»wittIH_1994]
Quote: decode at any offset with a compressed-phrase dictionary; e.g., for databases; use bitwise Elias codes and Huffman coding [»cannA3_2001]

Subtopic: compressed disk up

Quote: use Huffman codes to compress text for CDROM and limit access; encoding appears random [»kleiST7_1989]
Quote: use Huffman code to compress memory swap pages with many zeros; ten times faster than gzip or LZRW1 [»rizzL4_1997]
Quote: DoubleSpace compresses 8-Kbyte clusters into 512-byte sectors; code is accessible from applications [»slivBW7_1993]

Subtopic: compressed image up

Quote: HyperCard contains compressed, graphical images [»willG12_1987]

Subtopic: compressed structure up

Quote: Bonsai trees compress large trie structures to 1/3; encodes indices with 32 by 32 bit multiplication [»darrJJ3_1993]
Quote: compress syntax trees by combining common sequences of symbols; to a third its size, smaller than compressed uncommented source code [»franM12_1997]
Quote: use Kurtz' space efficient suffix trees in 10n space, McCreight's constructor in O(kn) time, and an indexed root [»balkB10_2000]

Subtopic: compressed table up

Quote: first use of training for lossless compression of tables; 100:1 compression; determine dependency tree of columns; group columns that compress well [»buchAL1_2000]

Subtopic: compressed reference up

Quote: absolute references compress better than hierarchical references; encode gaps between successive occurrences [»wittIH_1991]

Subtopic: compressed integers up

Quote: files of integers should always be stored compressed; faster access; use variable-bit compression for files larger than 100 Mbyte [»willHE3_1999]

Subtopic: compressed memory up

Quote: memory compression of static data; 12% reduction for embedded software; also 10% reduction from dead-data elimination [»coopN6_2007]

Subtopic: genetic code up

Quote: compression of protein sequences by their biochemical properties; better than ppm or gzip [»neviCG3_1999]
Quote: protein is incompressible; prior context does not improve compression; perhaps due to random mutation or compact representation

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