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Subtopic: math skills up

Quote: a programmer should have mathematical skills

Subtopic: language skills up

Quote: a programmer needs language skills to refine program concepts; Dijkstra's first selection criterion [»dijkEW_1982]

Subtopic: wide variation in description of Turing machine up

Quote: programmers do not agree about the value of a formal descriptive technique [»naurP4_1993]
Quote: little agreement about what makes an understandable explanation of Turing's universal computer [»naurP4_1993]
Quote: little agreement about the effectiveness of formally complete descriptions of Turing's universal machine
Quote: compared notes about Turing's description of his universal machine; large individual differences in style and evaluations [»naurP4_1993]
Quote: wide variation in notes for those participants who discovered the errors in Turing's universal computer [»naurP4_1993]

Subtopic: wide variation in UI skills up

Quote: user interface race revealed dramatic differences in tools and skills, invoked a lively discussion [»shneB_1990]

Subtopic: wide variation in productivity ;;`Topic: programmer productivity up

Quote: experienced programmers vary by an order of magnitude for most performance variables [»sackH_1970]

Subtopic: personality vs. technique up

Quote: the effectiveness of a particular programming technique depends overwhelmingly on the programmer's personality [»naurP4_1993]

Subtopic: no wrong results, only bugs up

Quote: programming almost always generates a feeling of success; no wrong results, only bugs [»wertH_1981]
Quote: a professional writes clean, flexible code that works, on time; QA should not report lists of bugs [»martRC5_2007]

Subtopic: planning up

Quote: a good programmer builds an intuitive plan which is proved by the program [»greeTR_1980]

Subtopic: first programmers up

Quote: early programming was a private arcane matter involving a programmer, a problem, a computer, a tiny store, and perhaps a few subroutines and a primitive assembly program; starting over each time, bizarre difficulties, invention, fun

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