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Four approaches have been used to directly code machine instructions with high-level languages. First, system implementation languages contain instructions which correspond to machine instructions. Second, machine register declarations may provide allocation information for the compiler. Third, machine code can be embedded into programs by trip codes with symbolic access to variables. Fourth, downward language extension allow new constructs for referencing the machine.

Rohmer has tried generating code directly through a high-level language. His programs in APL are really code generating programs producing hard machine code. This approach is quick but inefficient. (cbb 5/80)

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QuoteRef: dubyJJ12_1971 ;;137 extensible languages should be extendable downwards-- eg to support new physical devices or instructions
QuoteRef: rtl2 ;;inline code with special codes for interfacing (trip 1, trip 2)

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Quote: APL2M assembles machine code using APL to manipulate the bits [»rohmJ_1979]
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;532 access to one machine accumulator through assign A=var. and assign va
QuoteRef: wulfWA12_1971 ;;782 has register declarations

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