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Events broadcast state change information to all processes. They can be initiated by logical input or output, time-of-day, elapsed time, a zeroed counter, process completion, user action, errors, or explicit program signal. Events can be a combination of other events, and one event can be the complement of another. Since events occur asynchronously, concurrency must be dealt with. Momentary events are timing critical, so events are usually state indicators set by an action and later reset. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: cause of event up

Quote: every cause of an event is itself an event or occurrence; thus an absolute beginning is impossible in the sensible world [»kantI_1781, OK]

Subtopic: event model up

Quote: events model the interaction between an enterprise and its environment
Quote: the heart of meaning representation is the representation of events; events at core of CD (conceptual dependency)
Quote: model real world with objects that change and exist over time and events that happen at specific times and cause change [»shawC7_1987]
Quote: events involve objects and cause modifications; instantaneous and irreversible without any life history [»shawC7_1987]
Quote: events are the basic medium for JSD modeling; directly visible, atomic occurrence [»cameJR2_1986]
Quote: a system consists of repeatable events and mutual constraints; an occurrence is one repetition of an event [»holtAW9_1968]

Subtopic: animate via events up

Quote: animate an algorithm by annotating the code with event markers; events are procedure calls identifying the event and its arguments [»browMH5_1988]

Subtopic: event up

Quote: an event has preconditions, triggering conditions, a resulting action, and a time of occurrence [»theoCI3_1991]
Quote: every CD event has an actor, an action, an object acted upon, and a direction of action; invariant across possible descriptions of the event [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: CD forces you to postulate actors, objects, action and direction for all events; this make explicit what may be implicit in a sentence [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: Babbage's analytical engine detected overflow carries; used for determining events

Subtopic: event in context up

Quote: an ACTION depends on its ORGANIZATIONAL and PERSONAL context; e.g., peeling potatoes at work differs from the same action at home [»holtAW_1997]

Subtopic: event in space-time up

Quote: every description of an event or position of an object depends on coincidences with a rigid body of reference or, equivalently, a Cartesian system of co-ordinates [»einsA_1916b]
Quote: unlike abstract values, values in an occurrence system always have a time and place [»holtAW9_1968]

Subtopic: event class up

Quote: if an event is to be explained, it must be viewed as nonunique, a member of a class [»pylyZW_1986]
Quote: to describe patterns of behavior, first pick names for types of events; i.e., event classes [»hoarCA_1985]

Subtopic: event arguments up

Quote: every event has two arguments, a sender object and eventArgs; provides scope to the sender and arguments of the event as a versioned class [»cwalK_2006]

Subtopic: precondition and postcondition up

Quote: preconditions and postconditions for events; may be necessary or sufficient
Quote: an event in an ideal experiment is a specific set of initial and final conditions [»feynRP_1965]

Subtopic: event as change to a condition up

Quote: an event occurs when a condition changes between true and false [»heniKL1_1980]
Quote: an event models an instantaneous condition such as a change of state or external stimulus [»ciapE1_1999]
Quote: an event is an instantaneous change in an environmental condition; input to a mode-machine [»atleJM1_1993]
Quote: an event is an asynchronous change in a condition value; e.g., altitude < 500 fee [»faulSR3_1988]
Quote: define a robot event by effects, initiation and continuation conditions; system, not robot model, is responsible for event invocation and duration [»saltRM_1980]
Quote: the event <9 o'clock> ends the holding of the condition <8 o'clock> and begins the condition <9 o'clock> [»holtAW_1970]
Quote: being in a state is being within a bounded region, while being in a transition is crossing a boundary [»holtAW11_1980]
Quote: being in a transition is interpretable as being within a bounded period of change [»holtAW11_1980]
Quote: DELTA events occur when an action's condition no longer holds; proceeds to next action in the object's sequence [»handP_1981]

Subtopic: objects engage in events up

Quote: a trace for a process is a serialization of the events it engages in [»hoarCA_1985]
Quote: an object's 'alphabet' is the set of names of events that it can engage in [»hoarCA_1985]
Quote: in choosing an object's alphabet of events, do not distinguish the cause of the event; e.g., 'choc' and 'coin' for a vending machine [»hoarCA_1985]
Quote: CD primitive actions are transfer possession/information/place, speak, ingest, build mental object, grasp, expel, propel, attend, and move [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: a CD actor, a concrete object, decides to act upon another concrete object; a rock is a concrete object but not an actor; both are picture producers [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: a CD action is what an actor does to a concrete object [»schaRC_1981]

Subtopic: atomic, instanteous events up

Quote: an event in CSP is atomic; use start and finish events for time-consuming actions [»hoarCA_1985]

Subtopic: scheduled events up

QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;204 scheduling an event to occur
QuoteRef: daviNR2_1974 ;;40 bound events (occur in x sec) and conditional events (require resource
QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;Simscript has entities, timing events which can create, destroy, name, cause timing event

Subtopic: initiate-terminate events up

QuoteRef: rossJP_1970 ;; each process is an event so can waitonprocess
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;563 event option on task creation signals end of task
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;571 Display string-to-console reply variable-to-receive reply event event-name-to-signal-completion

Subtopic: every event up

QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;103 "every" defines entity, attribute and set structure for all entities and event notices

Subtopic: external events up

QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;110 external event cards cause event at certain time (can pass data)

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