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A single procedure or type definition may have multiple implementations depending on the exact characteristics of its parameters. These different schemes have the same results, defined by the abstraction, but each is best in different situations. For instance sorting, searching, and memory management all have multiple implementations. Selection can be determined by additional parameters, by compiler analysis, by self-tuning, by selection dialogues with the user, or by cost feedback on alternatives. Schemes can remove implementation constraints on program selection. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: schemes can have the same name if they are different implementations of the same abstraction; need mechanism to pick the best one [»mitcJG_1977]
Quote: system selects an implementation according to expected usage of the abstract data type [»lowJR5_1978]
Quote: select implementation of an abstract data type by parameters giving expected properties [»mitcJ3_1976, OK]
Quote: select appropriate scheme by usage parameters for the abstract data type [»mitcJG_1977]
Quote: Automatic_Algorithm_Selection selects best algorithm for a particular function according to resource and data constraints [»tuckA1_1975]

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Quote: need a library of implementations for abstract data types [»lowJR5_1978]

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Quote: generic selection of procedures by matching argument types with parameter types

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