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Subtopic: Multics up

Quote: with development on Multics, system changes within ten minutes and sometimes seconds [»corbFJ_1979]

Subtopic: Unix Programmer's Workbench up

Quote: the Programmer's Workbench (PWB) was designed for program development; mostly supports document preparation and text processing [»mashJR_1976a]
Quote: Programmer's Workbench performs program development and maintenance on a specialized, dedicated computer [»ivieEL10_1977]
Quote: UNIX Programmer's Workbench is heavily used; remote job submission and testing, revision control, document preparation, change management [»ivieEL10_1977, OK]
Quote: the Programmer's Workbench community has grown rapidly; used by software development, software maintenance, documentation, typing pools, supervisors [»bianMH_1976]

Subtopic: examples up

Quote: the Programmer's Interface (PI) provides a programming environment and separate, remote execution via ARPANET [»balzRM3_1974]
Quote: a Programmers_Assistant programmer can display incomplete parts of a plan, help information, and corresponding parts [»wateRC1_1982]

Subtopic: PCM up

Quote: PCM uses a language definition to set up the environment, e.g., for PASCAL; defines syntax and some of its semantics [»yonkMD10_1975]
Quote: PCM is a programming environment; it knows the types of each global and what variables and operations are currently defined [»yonkMD10_1975]
Quote: PCM uses a database of parse trees of each program; PCM uses this information to assist with editing and display [»yonkMD10_1975]

Subtopic: PDS up

Quote: PDS maintains the refinement history of a module and the user's reasons for a refinement and its implications for other modules [»cheaTE_1979]
Quote: PDS uses a database about the program that gives its modules and entities, their interdependence and refinement history [»cheaTE_1979]
Quote: PDS is a programming environment that does not enforce a programming discipline; but hopefully it encourages good programming practices [»cheaTE_1979]

Subtopic: Smalltalk/Squeak up

Quote: Squeak is a Smalltalk implementation written entirely in Smalltalk with a translator to generate a C program [»ingaD10_1997]

Subtopic: unified system up

Quote: Magpie is a programming environment that eliminates editor, compiler, and debugger [»deliNM5_1984]
Quote: a Magpie programmer works with source code and execution state concurrently; combines editing and debugging [»deliNM5_1984]
Quote: Mesa programmers do most of their development inside the world-swap debugger [»sweeRE7_1985]

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