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Babbage, C., "Of the analytical engine (Chapter VIII)", Passages from the Life of a Philosopher, London, Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1864. Google

Other Reference

page numbers from P. Morrison and E. Morrison (ed.), Charles Babbage and his Calculating Engines, New York: Dover Publications 1961, p. 52-72

Published before 1923

52 ;;Quote: Babbage's difference engine led to the analytic engine; built forge, foundry, workshops, and a fire-proof building; hired many assistants
54 ;;Quote: Babbage developed a method for carrying tens; addition took 15-16 time units
55 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine used a store for variables and a mill for calculations
55+;;Quote: the Jacquard loom could weave any imaginable design; basis for Babbage's analytical engine
55 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine could compute any formula that consisted of operations on variables and conditional modifications
55+;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine used a set of operation cards and a set of variable cards; each set strung together
56 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine had a library of previously constructed functions
57 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine punched tables with x,y pairs; could verify that attendant brought the correct card
59 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine may be fast enough to not need precomputed tables
60 ;;Quote: Babbage substituted unbounded time for unbounded space; allows a finite machine to make calculations of an unlimited extent
64 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine can backup and advance the operation cards to any extent; can make judgments based on any number of conditions
64+;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine detected overflow carries; used for determining events
68 ;;Quote: the analytical engine will guide the course of science; it can do all of analysis
68+;;Quote: what is the fastest method to calculate a result with the analytical engine?
69 ;;Quote: Babbage's analytical engine designed for 1000 variables of 50 digits apiece; 100 digit intermediate results
69+;;Quote: the operations of Babbage's analytical engine take a minute to perform
69 ;;Quote: demonstrate the validity of Babbage's analytical engine by calculating numerical constants by multiple methods
69 ;;Quote: errors occur frequently in numeric tables; corrections to the Nautical Almanac were themselves in error

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