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statistical testing based on a usage profile
novice users and the UserInterface
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Musa, J.D., "Operational profiles in software-reliability engineering", IEEE Software, March 1993, pp. 14-32. Google

14 ;;Quote: need an operational profile to estimate the reliability of software under actual use
14 ;;Quote: the operational profile and quality-improvement techniques reduced problem reports and maintenance costs ten-fold; test interval doubled
15 ;;Quote: an operational profile built from other profiles; i.e., disjoint alternatives with probability of occurrence; use logarithms
16 ;;Quote: operational profile by breaking system down into customer groups, user groups, system modes, functions, and operations
18 ;;Quote: use novice and expert system modes to record changes to an operational profile as users become experienced
19 ;;Quote: determine the functional profile of a system from its work-flow; gives context for software
20 ;;Quote: use environmental variables for conditions that effect the way a program runs; e.g., traffic load; use brainstorming
20+;;Quote: the final function list of an operation profile is all possible combinations of functions and values of environmental variables
22 ;;Quote: generate test cases by selecting operations randomly according to the operational profile and input states randomly with its domain
22+;;Quote: an operation of an operational profile implements a function for a range of input values
24 ;;Quote: must limit operation profiles to several hundred elements; several thousand at most
28 ;;Quote: testing via operational profiles identifies failures, on average, according to their frequency; efficient

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