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O'Hara, K., Sellen, a., "A comparison of reading paper and on-line documents", Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 97 Conference Proceedings, ACM SIGCHI, March 1997, pp. 335-342. Google

336 ;;Quote: reading for the purpose of writing is fundamental; e.g., IMF economists spent 90% of their on-line, edit time reading and referring to other documents
336 ;;Quote: studied paper vs. on-line documents by summarizing a 4 page article from a general science magazine
337 ;;Quote: annotating and note-taking while reading are important for text comprehension and summarization
337 ;;Quote: annotation on paper was effortless compared to on-line annotation; on-line annotation was cumbersome and distracting
338 ;;Quote: when reading and summarizing a document, subjects spent a good deal of time moving through the document
338+;;Quote: it is easy to move through paper documents; for example, subjects anticipated page turning and used two hands to mark the current location
338 ;;Quote: with paper documents, subjects learned the physical location of information
339 ;;Quote: all five subjects unclipped the paper document for rapid movement and selection of the current page
340 ;;Quote: paper is better than on-line documents when reading for the purpose of writing; ease of annotation, quick navigation, and spatial layout

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