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Krueger, C.W., "Software reuse", ACM Computing Surveys, 24, 2, June 1992, pp. 131-183. Google

133 ;;Quote: abstraction is the essential feature of reuse; otherwise can't tell what an artifact does or how to use it
134 ;;Quote: an abstraction for software is a succinct description without unimportant details
139 ;;Quote: a high-level language reuses assembly language patterns, i.e., its primitive statements and operations; memorized
141 ;;Quote: reuse source code fragments by design and code scavenging; manually edit to specialize for a related application
142 ;;Quote: component reuse is most successful in application domains with "one-word" abstractions such as sine and matrix multiply; universally understood
146 ;;Quote: the main drawback of formal specification languages is that specifications can be as opaque as source code; difficult to create
156 ;;Quote: use formal semantic specifications for schema abstractions of algorithms and abstract data types; e.g., data flow, logic, axiomatic theories
156 ;;Quote: use application generators when similar software systems, frequent rewrites of one software system, or many software prototypes
165 ;;Quote: very high level languages use a mathematical abstraction that is both executable and effective for software development; e.g., sets in SETL
165+;;Quote: most reusable techniques are abstractions of implementing applications
169 ;;Quote: with a transformational system, write software in a high-level specification language and transform it into an efficient program
178 ;;Quote: in an ideal reuse technology, quickly select, specialize and integrate abstract specifications; for any application domain
178+;;Quote: in an ideal reuse technology, automatically translate abstract specifications into an executable system
178 ;;Quote: a reuse technology must provide natural, succinct, high-level abstractions that describe artifacts by what they do

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