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Maquarrie, J., "Martin Heidegger", Richmond, Virginia, John Know Press, 1968. Google

5 ;;Quote: the word "Being" does not designate a class but lies beyond all distinctions of classes
7 ;;Quote: to say that man is "Being-there" calls attention to his finitude; to being in a particular situation
11 ;;Quote: phenomenologists use description instead of proof, with the hope that others will see things the same way
12 ;;Quote: Dasein is never complete in its Being; can never pin down the existent at any precise moment and give an exhaustive description; constituted by possibilities
16 ;;Quote: articulate everyday world in terms of Dasein's practical concerns; each item has meaning only within a context of interlocking tasks
21 ;;Quote: Dasein always finds itself in a situation where it has to be; defined by past choices, society, history, heredity
22 ;;Quote: things are understood by Dasein projecting its possibilities upon them and discovering their serviceability and usability
44 ;;Quote: it is only against the background of nothing that anything stands out; Being belongs to the nothing else; no interest to Science
51 ;;Quote: Heidegger replaces God with Being; he substitutes for stable substances and essences the fluid categories of existence

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