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Murray, K.M.E. , Caught in the Web of Words. James A. H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary , New Haven , Yale University Press , 1977 . Google

71 ;;Quote: Murray's Scriptorium was a simple shed lined with a 1000 pigeon holes and later converted to shelves
173 ;;Quote: Murray started with 2.5 million quotation slips from Furnivall and added another million from the British Commonwealth and America
179 ;;Quote: Murray's children sorted quotation slips--half a sheet of notepaper with a catchword in the top left corner
180 ;;Quote: Murray initially organized and instructed the readers; wrote 30-40 letters a day, e.g., 4 page answer to query
186 ;;Quote: description of turning quotation slips into dictionary entries: sort, subdivide into senses, define and arrange chronologically
187 ;;Quote: the goal of the Oxford English Dictionary is to trace the life history of every word over the last 700 years
203 ;;Quote: Murray and sub-editors spread out all the senses of a word to determine the word's logical chain of development
204 ;;Quote: Murray faced severe problems with space and meeting schedules: some words took most of a day, 'do' took half a year, died in 1915 with 'Turndown' completed

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