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Suzuki, N., "Analysis of pointer rotation ", ACM Principles of Programming Languages , pp. 1-11 , 1980. Google

3 ;;Quote: pointer rotation preserves the number of pointers to a record; reference counts are preserved
3 ;;Quote: linear lists and trees have reference counts of one; pointer rotation preserves this; prevents circularity or shared cells
4 ;;Quote: pointer rotation is invariant to rotating its arguments
4 ;;Quote: straight-line code that preserves reference counts and does not create records is implemented by a pointer rotation
4 ;;Quote: if a computation preserves reference counts and number of reachable records, then is implemented solely by pointer rotations
5 ;;Quote: pointer slide is like an n-bit shift; can use for pointer assignment
5 ;;Quote: example of freeing a record explicitly with pointer rotation
4 ;;Quote: example of moving a record from list to another using pointer rotation
5 ;;Quote: in pointer rotation, a record is lost if it is no longer reachable from the arguments; a rotation is safe if it can't lose records
5 ;;Quote: there are only two distinct classes of 3-way rotations

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