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, Instrument and Control Systems, 50 1977. Google

QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;1/77 10 "IEEE Std 416-1976 ATLAS (Abbreviated test language for all systems) is a standardized language for expressing test specifications and procedures.
1/77 ;;Quote: data acquisition system uses an HP calculator for system control, data analysis and recording
1/77 ;;Quote: the VIDEOSPEC CRT labels keys via the CRT; has just 10 system keys and 16 auxiliary keys
2/77 ;;Quote: calculators don't need a special purpose program; just turn them on
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;2/77 67 Threshold Technology's Threshold 500 terminal allows voice input. based on Digital's LSI-11 chip for $10,000
2/77 ;;Quote: setpoints retained despite a shut-down of the supervisory control system
3/77 ;;Quote: a programmable controller accepts binary inputs from limit switches etc. and uses preprogrammed logic to generate output signals for indicators, pumps, etc.
3/77 ;;Quote: each interlock in a process requires a separate control line; e.g., keeping a valve closed, or sequencing a process
3/77 ;;Quote: with programmable controllers, can change reactors dynamically
3/77 ;;Quote: PROMOD has an LED that is on whenever a contact is closed; for visual check; also test probe and contact forcing pins
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;4/77 57 Boyle PW: "An inexpensive battery-powered UPS (uninterruptible power supply) using nickel-cadmium batteries will keep microprocessors functioning throughout all types of power interruptions.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;4/77 61 Tektronix has an 8002 microprocessor lab like Starplex with slave in circuit emulator.
1/78 ;;Quote: data acquisition system with remote program option for measuring, scaling, and programming each analog point
4/78 49 ;;Quote: novice users are surprised at the effort needed to get a program to work
4/78 49 ;;Quote: programming is confusing for first-time users; it makes smart people feel dumb
7/78 ;;Quote: with a software-controlled system, a program sequence error can be catastrophic
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;7/78 52 Fauchiel J; "The analog I/O hardware must have open circuit detection, overrange and underrange detection, as well as status bits reflecting as much of the conversion function as possible.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;7/78 57 "Rockwell's STC Universal Controller stands out in the world of microcomputers as one of the few designed expressly for control. What's more it can be programmed with 13 English commands, so it's easy to use. [Interpreter in ROM for commands like 'at Time', 'Turn on A', 'add F2 to F1', 'repeat', 'wait'. Controllers 50 input and 50 output lines for interfacing to A/D etc. Has 32 4-decimal-digit counters.
7/78 ;;Quote: TI 3100 data interface uses English prompts for reading memory and I/O content of a sequencer
8/78 ;;Quote: data logging useful for improving reliability, efficiency, quality, safety standards, and material accounting
8/78 ;;Quote: a datalogger acquires and measures data, usually for humans; it may perform limit tests and other computations
8/78 ;;Quote: data logging can occur periodically, when a set point occurs, or under operator control
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;8/78 55 Reynolds B: "Sampling rates for A/D boards in most industrial applications vary from 1/3 to 30 seconds, depending on whether the board is monitoring or controlling.
10/78 ;;Quote: if data sampling is less than twice the highest frequency, can get periodic, false beat notes
10/78 ;;Quote: if temperature and pressure are stable, an open loop with a look up table is as accurate as a closed loop
11/78 ;;Quote: in 1978, most control systems continue to be analog; either electronic or pneumatic
11/78 ;;Quote: can connect controllers by a device highway or a nest highway to "nests" of controllers
11/78 ;;Quote: in most process plants, 80% of loops use simple PI analog controllers; most of these are never adjusted after tuning
11/78 ;;Quote: distributed control can be hierarchical, one control system per process, or a few control functions per module
11/78 ;;Quote: a process control system may lose major subsystems; must still be able to operate remotely or manually
12/78 ;;Quote: the lack of standard communication protocols have kept vendors away from distributed network design
12/78 ;;Quote: cabling is often the second largest cost of a network (computer system cost is first)
1/79 ;;Quote: a control system must have power-fail/auto-restart; by sensing power-on or via a watchdog system
2/79 ;;Quote: a message lists records all events including alarms and changes to setpoints, control modes, and status
2/79+;;Quote: message lists are stored in system memory and automatically printed when memory space fills
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;2/79 45 Crutchley W: Loop status displays are the most common: show loop name, identifier, setpoint, measured value, units of measurement alarm status, auto/manual/remote status.
2/79 ;;Quote: use ALARM STATUS program to show the status of all system alarms at once; high alarms use visual and auditory annunciation
2/79 ;;Quote: a display of time trends is very useful for process control; combine with digital display of current values
2/79 ;;Quote: animated graphs give more meaning and purpose that static data and pictures display
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;3/79 37 Dickinson AB: "Many control systems today...are being installed with multiple CRT monitors to replace or supplement panel instrumentation.
3/79 ;;Quote: use bargraphs to show how well process variables are maintaining their setpoints
3/79 ;;Quote: model reference control calculates the proper control action based on current control error and control effects; for long process lags
3/79 ;;Quote: feedforward control predicts and compensates errors before they occur; needed for long process lags or response times
3/79 ;;Quote: cascade control uses a hierarchy of control loops
3/79 ;;Quote: adaptive tuning automatically adjusts control parameters according to current process conditions
5/79 ;;Quote: Controlware consists of preprogrammed software modules for forming control loops
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;9/79 70 Edelman S: "A joint development by Mostek and Pro- Log, the STD is exciting because, according to OEM suppliers and users, it's simpler, smaller, and lower in cost than Intel's Multibus. /8-bit orientation with single master built on 4.5 x 6.5" cards
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;11/79 89 "The Intel 2920 Signal processor device is a single-chip real-time, analog input/output microcomputer. It converts sampled analog input signals into digital information, processes the information in its high-speed computer, and produces analog output signals in a real-time mode.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;11/79 89 "Even the largest and fastest digital microcomputers are much too slow to be used as general-purpose replacements for analog subsystems. But the /Intel's/ 2920--an analog microcomputer that operates into the audio frequency range- can do the job.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;1/80 54 "Texas Instruments has added a speech synthesizer module to its TM990 line...It speaks 153 words (including the numbers zero through twelve) and the 26 letters of the alphabet. The messages are pronounced in a deep voice, albeit one with a relatively flat inflection

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