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Tichy, W.F., "Design, implementation, and evaluation of a revision control system", pre-print, June 15, 1982, 6th International Conference on Software Engineering, September, 1982. Google

8 ;;Quote: RCS automatically stamps a revision with its number, creation date, author, etc.
8 ;;Quote: on checkout, RCS replaces a header string with information about current revision
9 ;;Quote: can imbedded RCS version strings in object files; invaluable for program maintenance
9 ;;Quote: RCS uses line-oriented deltas since Unix diff reports deltas this way
10 ;;Quote: separate RCS deltas by appending an edit script to the current revision
10 ;;Quote: RCS uses separate, reverse deltas; as easy as forward deltas and current version is extracted quickly
10 ;;Quote: add a new RCS version by replacing latest version with new version and diff to latest
11 ;;Quote: RCS uses forward deltas to recover side revisions, e.g., fixing bugs in current release while producing next one
13 ;;Quote: in RCS, forcing a lock is possible; but it automatically sends email to the lock's owner
14 ;;Quote: if maintenance of old versions is required during development, side branches are needed; symbolic version names should be used
19 ;;Quote: currently RCS is slower for older revisions; trying to speed up by merging edit scripts

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