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Einstein, A., "Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Korper", Annalen der Physik, 18, September 1905, pp. 639-641. Google

Other Reference

"On the electrodynamics of moving bodies," pp. 35-65 of Lorentz, Einstein, Minkowski, and Weyl, The principles of Relativity, translated by W. Perrett and G.B. Jeffery, New York: Dover Publications, 1952 [replication of Methuen and Company, Ltd. 1923]

123 ;;Quote: the principle of relativity is that equations of mechanics hold in all frames of reference and that the speed of light is constant
125 ;;Quote: all judgments of time concern simultaneous events
126 ;;Quote: clocks at rest relative to each other are synchronized if, by definition, the time for light to travel from A to B is the time for it to travel from B to A
128 ;;Quote: the length of a rod measured in the rest system differs from the length in a moving system
130 ;;Quote: simultaneity depends on the frame of reference; synchronous clocks in a stationary system are not synchronous in a moving system
49 ;;Quote: moving clocks are slower than stationary ones; for example a clock at the equator is slightly slower than an identical clock at one of the poles
149 ;;Quote: if approach light at the speed of light, infinitely intense

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