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Roget, P.M., Thesaurus of English words and phrases, classified and arranged so as to facilitate the expression of ideas and assist in literary composition, Boston, Little, Brown, and Company, 1853, 2nd edition. Google

Published before 1923

v ;;Quote: Roget's thesaurus: given the idea, locate the words which best express the idea; opposite to a dictionary
v+;;Quote: in a thesaurus, words are classified by their signification, by the ideas which they express
vi ;;Quote: Roget using his thesaurus
vii ;;Quote: a thesaurus is useful in translating a work written in another language
ix ;;Quote: a thesaurus suggests, by association, other trains of thought. It reminds us of words or images that give point and force to our arguments
x ;;Quote: Roget built his thesaurus for practical utility in locating words. He avoided needless refinement
x ;;Quote: Roget's top-level categories: abstract relations, space, material world, intellect, volition, and feeling
xii ;;Quote: Roget used two parallel columns to show words and their opposites on the same page
xvii ;;Quote: the alphabetical index to Roget's thesaurus demonstrates the elasticity of language to adapt to different needs
xix ;;Quote: Roget listed words under multiple headings when appropriate; the imputation of redundance is better than the reproach of insufficiency
xxiii ;;Quote: the classification of ideas is the true basis on which words (the symbols of ideas) should be classified; a basis for the philosophy of language
xxiv ;;Quote: a thesaurus leads to a universal language and a golden age of union and harmony among nations

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