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Maturana, H.R., Varela F.J., Autopoiesis and cognition. The realization of the living, Dordrecht: Holland, D. Reidel Publishing, 1980. Google

v ;;Quote: can describe biology as a topology in a closed system; entirely self-referential, without an outside
xii ;;Quote: study color vision by understanding the participation of the visual system in generating a color space; not by mapping the colorful world on the visual system
xiii ;;Quote: if use purpose or function, can not characterize living systems as autonomous entities; intrinsically referential
xiv ;;Quote: in the frog vision papers, assumed that the frog perceived an external reality; e.g., feature detectors
xiv ;;Quote: an object's geometry effected the visual system, and the visual system used geometric relations to specify color distinctions; but the geometries did not match
xv ;;Quote: perception should be viewed as the specification of an external reality; not as a grasping of that reality; like hallucination
xviii ;;Quote: matter is the creation of the spirit while spirit is the creation of the matter it creates
25 ;;Quote: a living system and nervous system is homeostatic; identity from maintaining its organization
45 ;;Quote: learning is the continuous change in the capacity of the nervous system to produce behavior; not the accumulation of representations
69 ;;Quote: we observers invent the codes in order to codify what nature is about
78 ;;Quote: autopoietic machine is a network of processes continuously regenerated by their interactions and transformations; topological
81 ;;Quote: autopoietic machines--no inputs/outputs, perturbed by environment, primary goal to maintain the machine's organization

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