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Subtopic: importance of notation up

Quote: Roman numerals demonstrate that notation matters; they were an important advance over the Greek system of one number per letter [»greeTR_1980]
Quote: a programming notation should reduce coding errors, and detect the remaining errors at compile-time [»hoarCA_1974]
Quote: to make a programming language more expressive, use declarative structures and explicit notation
Quote: Babbage introduced Cambridge to Leibniz's calculus in preference to Newton's calculus

Subtopic: character set up

Quote: the characters [, ], {, }, |, \, and ! are missing from widely used character sets; need to provide equivalent representations [»stroB_1994]
Quote: use the full ASCII character set within an operating system; simplifies input routines and avoids preconceived notions [»stoyJE3_1972]
Quote: the tab character is too device-dependent; use a '4-spaces' character for program layout [»stoyJE3_1972]

Subtopic: superscript and subscript up

Quote: builtin subroutines (e.g., sin and sqrt) represented by F^2 and F^1; the Flexowriter had true superscripts [»laniJH1_1954]
Quote: x| is a superscript variable (i.e., array); x|^6 is the sixth element while x|n is the n'th element [»laniJH1_1954]

Subtopic: case labels up

Quote: ML uses right parenthesis to indicate a statement label, e.g., case in a case statement [»spooCR4_1986]

Subtopic: language keywords up

Quote: language keywords can be reserved, marked unambiguously, or act as variables except in the keyword's proper context [»maclBJ_1987]
Quote: define a sequence of operations with numeric operation indices, repeated cycles, and sequences [»menaLF10_1842, OK]

Subtopic: block terminator up

Quote: avoid ambiguity by requiring a matching terminator for all nested structures; e.g., 'end if' for 'if' [»paneJF9_2002]

Subtopic: component access up

Quote: APPL = [opr: EXP, opnd: EXP] defines a set APPL, selectors opr and opnd, classifier appl?, and constructor mk-appl
QuoteRef: wirtN1_1971 ;;46 in Pascal, variable access by b[red] or U.realpart or file_name^ or pointer^

Subtopic: text markup up

Quote: GML identifiers delimited by : or :: and a '.'; use mnemonics for paragraph, quotation, ordered list, ... [»goldCF6_1981]

Subtopic: notational errors up

Quote: a simple error in Z can lead to a correct specification with a completely different meanings; e.g., forgetting a prime symbol ' to indicate the new state [»tretJ9_2001]
Quote: be careful of adding a comma between the cycle count and group of operations; otherwise get a sequence
Quote: assembly programming uses simple conventions for comments; conventions for programming languages may be error-prone [»hoarCA_1974]

Subtopic: history up

Quote: a notation for numerical analysis needs arithmetic operations, letters to represent storage locations, and assignment [»glenAE2_1953]
Quote: interperter handles equations such as n=n+2, w=-w [»laniJH1_1954]

Subtopic: avoid notations up

Quote: paper solutions specified mathematical operations in natural language, often with no missing information [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: avoid unnecessary notation; common source of errors; e.g., statement separators, parenthesis [»paneJF9_2002]
Quote: for programming languages semantics is far more important than syntax

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