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QuoteRef: abadM1_1993 ;;Abadi, Lamport, "Composing specifications", ACM (10 quotes, 565 words)
QuoteRef: abadM9_1999 ;;Abadi, "Secrecy by typing in security protocols", ACM (3 quotes, 160 words)
QuoteRef: abboRJ3_1990 ;;Abbott, "Resourceful systems for fault tolerance, reliability, and safety", ACM (18 quotes, 939 words)
QuoteRef: abboRJ8_1987 ;;Abbott, "Knowledge abstraction", ACM (5 quotes, 359 words)
QuoteRef: abduSE9_1998 ;;Abdullahi, Ringwood, "Garbage collecting the internet: a survey of distributed garbage collection", ACM (6 quotes, 438 words)
QuoteRef: abraD11_1996 ;;Abramson, Foster, Michalakes, Sosic, "Relative debugging: A new methodology for debugging scientific applications", ACM (2 quotes, 119 words)
QuoteRef: abraP12_1986 ;;Abrahams, "The role of failure in software design", ACM (4 quotes, 206 words)
QuoteRef: accoJ3_1997 ;;Accot, Zhai, "Beyond Fitts' law: Models for trajectory-based HCI tasks", ACM (1 quote, 155 words)
QuoteRef: ackeMS_1990 ;;Ackerman, Malone, "Answer Garden: a tool for growing organizational memory", ACM (3 quotes, 187 words)
QuoteRef: adjiW12_1999 ;;Adjie-Winoto, Schwartz, Balakrishnan, Lilley, "The design and implementation of an intentional naming system", ACM (4 quotes, 242 words)
QuoteRef: adriFA11_1993 ;;Adrian, "A modest proposal concerning variables and assignment statements", ACM (1 quote, 76 words)
QuoteRef: afekY1_1993 ;;Afek, Brown, Merritt, "Lazy caching", ACM (5 quotes, 458 words)
QuoteRef: agesO6_1998 ;;Agesen, Detlefs, Moss, "Garbage collection and local variable type-precision and liveness in Java Virtual Machines", ACM (3 quotes, 193 words)
QuoteRef: aggaA6_2001 ;;Aggarwal, Randall, "Related field analysis", ACM (1 quote, 88 words)
QuoteRef: ahlbC4_1994 ;;Ahlberg, Shneiderman, "The Alphaslider: A compact and rapid selector", ACM (1 quote, 169 words)
QuoteRef: ahoAV1_1977 ;;Aho, Johnson, Ullman, "Code generation for expressions with common subexpressions ", ACM (1 quote, 59 words)
QuoteRef: ahoAV7_1976 ;;Aho, Johnson, "Optimal code generation for expression trees", ACM (1 quote, 25 words)
QuoteRef: aikeA6_2003 ;;Aiken, Foster, Kodumal, Terauchi, "Checking and inferring local non-aliasing", ACM (4 quotes, 423 words)
QuoteRef: aitkH1_1989 ;;Ait-Kaci, Boyer, Lincoln, Nasr, "Efficient implementation of lattice operations", ACM (1 quote, 74 words)
QuoteRef: akguT4_2004 ;;Akgul, Mooney, "Assembly instruction level reverse execution for debugging", ACM (1 quote, 138 words)
QuoteRef: akscRM11_1993 ;;Akscyn, McCracken, "Design of hypermedia script languages: The KMS experience", ACM (7 quotes, 479 words)
QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988 ;;Akscyn, McCracken, Yoder, "KMS: A distributed hypermedia system for managing knowledge inorganizations ", ACM (215 quotes, 8807 words)
QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988a ;;Akscyn, McCracken, Yoder, "KMS: A distributed hypermedia system for managing knowledge inorganizations ", ACM (58 quotes, 2597 words)
QuoteRef: alexC9_1999 ;;Alexander, "The origins of pattern theory", ACM, IEEE (8 quotes, 645 words)
QuoteRef: alfoM_1980 ;;Alford, "Software requirements in the 80's: from alchemy to science ", ACM (2 quotes, 164 words)
QuoteRef: alleE10_2003 ;;Allen, Bannet, Cartwright, "A first-class approach to genericity", ACM (1 quote, 137 words)
QuoteRef: alleJF11_1983 ;;Allen, "Maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals", ACM (9 quotes, 466 words)
QuoteRef: almaL6_2004 ;;Almagor, Cooper, Grosul, Harvey, Reeves, Subramanian, Torczon, Waterman, "Finding effective compilation sequences", ACM (1 quote, 95 words)
QuoteRef: alpeB10_2001 ;;Alpern, Cocchi, Fink, Grove, "Efficient implementation of java interfaces: Invokeinterface considered harmless", ACM (1 quote, 106 words)
QuoteRef: amirA1_1994 ;;Amir, Benson, Farach, "Let sleeping files lie: pattern matching in Z-compressed files", ACM (1 quote, 61 words)
QuoteRef: ammeW6_2001 ;;Amme, Dalton, von Ronne, Franz, "SafeTSA: A type safe and referentially secure mobile-code representation based on static single assignment form", ACM (5 quotes, 455 words)
QuoteRef: ammoG1_2002 ;;Ammons, Bodik, Larus, "Mining specifications", ACM (2 quotes, 172 words)
QuoteRef: andeJH8_1995 ;;Anderson, Ramamurthy, "Using lock-free objects in hard real-time applications", ACM (1 quote, 101 words)
QuoteRef: andeRJ11_1994 ;;Anderson, "Why cryptosystems fail", ACM (1 quote, 72 words)
QuoteRef: appeAW5_1988 ;;Appel, Jacobson, "The world's fastest scrabble program", ACM (2 quotes, 122 words)
QuoteRef: armoP11_2002 ;;Armour, "Ten unmyths of project estimation", ACM (2 quotes, 116 words)
QuoteRef: aronM8_2000 ;;Aron, Druschel, "Soft timers: efficient microsecond software timer support of network processing", ACM (5 quotes, 467 words)
QuoteRef: arsaJJ1_1979 ;;Arsac, "Syntactic source to source transforms and program manipulation", ACM (2 quotes, 92 words)
QuoteRef: ashmH9_2000 ;;Ashman, "Electronic document addressing: dealing with change", ACM (12 quotes, 774 words)
QuoteRef: atkiMP6_1987 ;;Atkinson, Buneman, "Types and persistence in database programming languages", ACM (8 quotes, 287 words)
QuoteRef: atkiR_1977 ;;Atkinson, Hewitt, "Synchronization in actor systems", ACM (6 quotes, 170 words)
QuoteRef: auslM6_1982 ;;Auslander, Hopkins, "An overview of the PL.8 compiler", ACM (31 quotes, 1767 words)
QuoteRef: austTM6_1994 ;;Austin, Breach, Sohi, "Efficient detection of all pointer and array access errors", ACM (2 quotes, 178 words)
QuoteRef: aycoJ6_2003 ;;Aycock, "A brief history of just-in-time", ACM (1 quote, 64 words)
QuoteRef: ayerA6_1998 ;;Ayers, de Jong, Peyton, Schooler, "Scalable cross-module optimization", ACM (1 quote, 85 words)
QuoteRef: azatH10_2003 ;;Azatchi, Levanoni, Paz, Petrank, "An on-the-fly mark and sweep garbage collector based on sliding views", ACM (1 quote, 163 words)
QuoteRef: bachCW11_1973 ;;Bachman, "The programmer as navigator", ACM (3 quotes, 206 words)
QuoteRef: bachR1_1997 ;;Bachrach, El-Yaniv, "Online list accessing algorithms and their applications: Recent empirical evidence", ACM (1 quote, 191 words)
QuoteRef: backJ8_1978a ;;Backus, "Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style? A functional style and its algebra of programs", ACM (44 quotes, 1439 words)
QuoteRef: backJ_1973 ;;Backus, "Programming language semantics and closed applicative languages", ACM (17 quotes, 109 words)
QuoteRef: bacoDF10_2000 ;;Bacon, Strom, Tarafdar, "Guava: a dialect of Java without data races", ACM (28 quotes, 1446 words)
QuoteRef: bacoDF10_2004 ;;Bacon, Chenge, Rajan, "A unified theory of garbage collection", ACM (7 quotes, 434 words)
QuoteRef: bacoDF1_2003 ;;Bacon, Cheng, Rajan, "A real-time garbage collector with low overhead and consistent utilization", ACM (4 quotes, 565 words)
QuoteRef: bacoDF6_2001 ;;Bacon, Attanasio, Lee, Rajan, Smith, "Java without the coffee breaks: a noninstrusive multiprocessor garbage collector", ACM (2 quotes, 143 words)
QuoteRef: bacoF_1600 ;;Bacon, "Essay on Dispatch", ACM (1 quote, 34 words)
QuoteRef: baecR4_1991 ;;Baecker, Small, Mander, "Bringing icons to life", ACM (3 quotes, 227 words)
QuoteRef: baezRA11_1996 ;;Baeza-Yates, Gonnet, "Fast text searching for regular expressions or automaton searching on tries", ACM (1 quote, 67 words)
QuoteRef: bahlD8_2002 ;;Bahle, Williams, Zobel, "Efficient phrase querying with an auxiliary index", ACM (3 quotes, 186 words)
QuoteRef: ballT1_2003 ;;Ball, Naik, Rajamani, "From symptom to cause: localizing errors in counterexample traces", ACM (2 quotes, 226 words)
QuoteRef: ballT6_1993 ;;Ball, Larus, "Branch prediction for free", ACM (2 quotes, 121 words)
QuoteRef: bankRD11_1993 ;;Banker, Datar, Kemerer, Zweig, "Software complexity and maintenance costs", ACM (2 quotes, 178 words)
QuoteRef: bansJP4_1993 ;;Bansler, Bodker, "A reappraisal of structured analysis: design in an organizational context ", ACM (5 quotes, 246 words)
QuoteRef: baraK10_2003 ;;Barabash, Ossia, Petrank, "Mostly concurrent garbage collection revisited", ACM (1 quote, 176 words)
QuoteRef: bardGJ12_2001 ;;Badros, Borning, Stuckey, "The Cassowary linear arithmetic constraint solving algorithm", ACM (1 quote, 87 words)
QuoteRef: baryR12_2004 ;;Bar-Yehuda, Bendel, Freund, Rawit, "Local ratio: a unified framework for approximation algorithms", ACM (1 quote, 194 words)
QuoteRef: bassL3_1997 ;;Bass, Kasabach, Martin, Siewiorek, Smailagic, Stivoric, "The design of a wearable computer", ACM (3 quotes, 158 words)
QuoteRef: baueFL7_1972 ;;Bauer, Wossner, "The 'plankalkul' of Konrad Zuse: a forerunner of today's programming languages", ACM (4 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: baymP9_1983 ;;Bayman, Mayer, "A diagnosis of beginning programmers' misconceptions of BASIC programming statements", ACM (5 quotes, 305 words)
QuoteRef: bealNC_1981 ;;Beale, Peyton, Jones, "An ADA compatible specification language", ACM (1 quote, 61 words)
QuoteRef: beck5_1990 ;;Beckmann, Kriegel, Schneider, Seeger, "The R*-tree: An efficient and robust access method for points and rectangles", ACM (1 quote, 183 words)
QuoteRef: beckJD7_1987 ;;Becker, "Arabic word processing", ACM (1 quote, 93 words)
QuoteRef: beckLL10_1982 ;;Beck, "A dynamic storage allocation technique based on memory residence time", ACM (5 quotes, 274 words)
QuoteRef: bellJR6_1973 ;;Bell, "Threaded code", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: bellSM10_1990 ;;Bellovin, Merritt, "Limitations of the Kerberos Authentication System", ACM (7 quotes, 512 words)
QuoteRef: bellT12_1989 ;;Bell, Witten, Cleary, "Modeling for text compression", ACM (1 quote, 64 words)
QuoteRef: benbI4_1984 ;;Benbasat, Wand, "Command abbreviation behavior in human-computer interaction", ACM (1 quote, 50 words)
QuoteRef: bensBW2_1999 ;;Benson, "Inner classes. Closures for the masses", ACM (1 quote, 49 words)
QuoteRef: bentJ10_1983 ;;Bentley, "Programming Pearls: Writing correct programs", ACM (7 quotes, 313 words)
QuoteRef: bentJ2_1986 ;;Bentley, "Programming pearls: Cutting the Gordian knot", ACM (1 quote, 22 words)
QuoteRef: bentJ3_1984 ;;Bentley, "Programming pearls: The back of the envelope", ACM (2 quotes, 199 words)
QuoteRef: bentJ5_1985 ;;Bentley, "Programming pearls: A spelling checker", ACM (2 quotes, 152 words)
QuoteRef: bentJ9_1987 ;;Bentley, "Programming pearls. A sample of brilliance", ACM (1 quote, 40 words)
QuoteRef: bentJL1_1997 ;;Bentley, Sedgewick, "Fast algorithms for sorting and searching strings", ACM (1 quote, 77 words)
QuoteRef: bergED11_2000 ;;Berger, McKinley, Blumofe, Wilson, "Hoard: A scalable memory allocator for multithreaded applications", ACM (1 quote, 121 words)
QuoteRef: bergED11_2002 ;;Berger, Zorn, McKinley, "Reconsidering custom memory allocation", ACM (3 quotes, 201 words)
QuoteRef: bergT9_1997 ;;Bergin, "HOPL II - Closing panel: The history of programming: Does our present past have a future?", ACM (5 quotes, 184 words)
QuoteRef: bernM6_2003 ;;Berndl, Lhotak, Qian, Hendren , Umaneee, "Pointers-to analysis using BDDs", ACM (1 quote, 184 words)
QuoteRef: bernT8_1994 ;;Berners-Lee, Cailliau, Luotonen, Nielsen, Secret, "The world-wide web", ACM (7 quotes, 255 words)
QuoteRef: bersBN12_1995 ;;Bershad, Savage, Pardyak, Sirer, Fiuczynski, Becker, Chambers, Eggers, "Extensibility, safety and performance in the SPIN operating system", ACM (7 quotes, 575 words)
QuoteRef: bertE4_1999 ;;Bertino, Jajodia, Samarati, "A flexible authorization mechanism for relational data management systems", ACM (1 quote, 91 words)
QuoteRef: berzAT_1980 ;;Berztiss, "Data abstraction, controlled iteration, and communicating processes ", ACM (4 quotes, 215 words)
QuoteRef: beszA9_2003 ;;Beszedes, Ferenc, Gyimothy, Dolenc, Karsisto, "Survey of code-size reduction methods", ACM (1 quote, 71 words)
QuoteRef: birdR2_1995 ;;Bird, Gopal, Herzberg, Janson, Kutten, Molva, Yung, "The KryptoKnight family of light-weight protocols for authentication and key distribution", ACM, IEEE (1 quote, 71 words)
QuoteRef: birkA10_2004 ;;Birka, Ernst, "A practical type system and language for reference immutability", ACM (10 quotes, 809 words)
QuoteRef: birmKP2_1987 ;;Birman, Joseph, "Reliable communication in the presence of failures", ACM (11 quotes, 559 words)
QuoteRef: birrAD4_1982 ;;Birrell, Levin, Needham, Schroeder, "Grapevine: An exercise in distributed computing", ACM (11 quotes, 461 words)
QuoteRef: blacSM10_2003 ;;Blackburn, McKinley, "Ulterior reference counting: fast garbage collection without a long wait", ACM (1 quote, 104 words)
QuoteRef: blaiDC3_1985 ;;Blair, Maron, "An evaluation of retrieval effectiveness for a full-textdocument-retrieval system ", ACM (9 quotes, 464 words)
QuoteRef: blelGE3_1996 ;;Blelloch, "Programming parallel algorithms", ACM (3 quotes, 241 words)
QuoteRef: blooBH7_1970 ;;Bloom, "Space/Time trade-offs in hash coding with allowable errors", ACM (2 quotes, 157 words)
QuoteRef: bobrDG7_1980 ;;Bobrow, "Managing reentrant structures using reference counts ", ACM (2 quotes, 94 words)
QuoteRef: bobrDG9_1986 ;;Bobrow, Mittal, Stefik, "Expert systems: perils and promise", ACM (2 quotes, 41 words)
QuoteRef: bochGV7_1973 ;;Bochmann, "Multiple exits from a loop without the goto", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: bodiR6_2000 ;;Bodik, Gupta, Sarkar, "ABCD: Eliminating array bounds checks on demand", ACM (4 quotes, 289 words)
QuoteRef: bohmC5_1966 ;;Bohm, Jacopini, "Flow diagrams, turing machines, and languages with only two formation rules", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: bohmC9_2001 ;;Bohm, Berchtold, Keim, "Searching in high-dimensional spaces--Index structures for improving the performance of multimedia databases", ACM (5 quotes, 342 words)
QuoteRef: bootB6_2000 ;;Boothe, "Efficient algorithms for bidirectional debugging", ACM (13 quotes, 968 words)
QuoteRef: bootKS11_1981 ;;Booth, "Authentication of signatures using public key encryption", ACM (4 quotes, 253 words)
QuoteRef: boreNS11_1992 ;;Borenstein, "Computational mail as network infrastructure for computer- supported cooperative work", ACM (7 quotes, 254 words)
QuoteRef: boreNS9_1988 ;;Borenstein, Thyberg, "Cooperative work in the Andrew Message System", ACM (7 quotes, 570 words)
QuoteRef: bornA10_1997 ;;Borning, Marriott, Stuckey, Xiao, "Solving linear arithmetic constraints for user interface applications", ACM (1 quote, 70 words)
QuoteRef: bornA11_1997 ;;Borning, Lin, Marriott, "Constraints for the web", ACM (2 quotes, 173 words)
QuoteRef: bornA2_1987 ;;Borning, "Computer system reliability and nuclear war", ACM (4 quotes, 174 words)
QuoteRef: bornAH11_1986 ;;Borning, "Classes versus prototypes in object-oriented languages", ACM, IEEE (4 quotes, 321 words)
QuoteRef: boroR11_1998 ;;Borovoy, Martin, Vemuri, Resnick, Silverman, Hancock, "Meme tags and community mirrors: moving from conferences to collaboration", ACM (2 quotes, 152 words)
QuoteRef: boutRT4_1992 ;;Boute, "The Euclidean definition of the functions div and mod ", ACM (1 quote, 63 words)
QuoteRef: boyaC6_2003 ;;Boyapati, Salcianu, Beebee, Rinard, "Ownership types for safe region-based memory management in real-time Java", ACM (1 quote, 179 words)
QuoteRef: brabC1_2002 ;;Brabrand, Schwartzbach, "Growing languages with metamorphic syntax macros", ACM (2 quotes, 153 words)
QuoteRef: branP11_1971 ;;Branquart, Lewi, Sintzoff, Wodon, "The composition of semantics in Algol 68", ACM (2 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: brenRP7_1989 ;;Brent, "Efficient implementation of the first-fit strategy for dynamic storage allocation", ACM (1 quote, 171 words)
QuoteRef: brigP6_1989 ;;Briggs, Cooper, Kennedy, Torczon, "Coloring heuristics for register allocation", ACM (1 quote, 150 words)
QuoteRef: brinP11_1978 ;;Brinch-Hansen, "Distributed processes: a concurrent programming concept", ACM (14 quotes, 498 words)
QuoteRef: brinP4_1970 ;;Brinch Hansen, "The nucleus of a multiprogramming system", ACM (4 quotes, 348 words)
QuoteRef: brinP4_1999 ;;Brinch Hansen, "Java's insecure parallelism", ACM (5 quotes, 327 words)
QuoteRef: brinP7_1972 ;;Brinch Hansen, "Structured multiprogramming", ACM (4 quotes, 225 words)
QuoteRef: brooFP3_1996 ;;Brooks, "The computer scientist as toolsmith II", ACM (1 quote, 82 words)
QuoteRef: browPJ10_1967 ;;Brown, "The ML1 macro processor", ACM (5 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: browPS7_1987 ;;Brown, Gould, "An experimental study of people creating spreadsheets", ACM (1 quote, 52 words)
QuoteRef: browSA11_1963 ;;Brown, Drayton, Mittman, "A description of APT language", ACM (6 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: brucKB3_1996 ;;Bruce, "Progress in programming languages", ACM (1 quote, 112 words)
QuoteRef: brunJ7_1972 ;;Bruno, Steiglitz, "The expression of algorithms by charts ", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: buchAL1_2000 ;;Buchsbaum, Caldwell, Church, Fowler, Muthukrishnan, "Engineering the compression of massive tables: an experimental approach", ACM (1 quote, 179 words)
QuoteRef: buddTA_1980 ;;Budd, DeMillo, Lipton, Sayward, "Theoretical and empirical studies on using program mutation to test the functional correctness of programs", ACM (10 quotes, 413 words)
QuoteRef: buneP5_1986 ;;Buneman, Atkinson, "Inheritance and persistence in database programming languages", ACM (15 quotes, 828 words)
QuoteRef: burgRG5_1996 ;;Burger, Dybvig, "Printing floating-point numbers quickly and accurately", ACM (1 quote, 50 words)
QuoteRef: burrWE8_1983 ;;Burr, "An Overview of the proposed american national standard for local distributed data interfaces", ACM
QuoteRef: butlRW12_1991 ;;Butler, Finelli, "The infeasibility of experimental quantification of life- critical software reliability", ACM (2 quotes, 195 words)
QuoteRef: byrnMD4_1993 ;;Byrne, "Using icons to find documents: Simplicity is critical", ACM (1 quote, 44 words)
QuoteRef: byrnMD5_1999 ;;Byrne, John, Wehrle, Crow, "The tangled web we wove: A taxonomy of WWW use", ACM (3 quotes, 263 words)
QuoteRef: campB7_1988 ;;Campbell, Goodman, "HAM: A general purpose hypertext abstract machine", ACM (7 quotes, 271 words)
QuoteRef: cannA7_2002 ;;Cannane, Williams, "A general-purpose compression scheme for large collections", ACM (1 quote, 166 words)
QuoteRef: cannDJ6_2000 ;;Cannarozzi, Plezbert, Cytron, "Contaminated garbage Collection", ACM (2 quotes, 220 words)
QuoteRef: cardSK7_1980 ;;Card, Moran, Newell, "The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems ", ACM (3 quotes, 53 words)
QuoteRef: carrJM8_1984 ;;Carroll, Carrithers, "Training wheels in a user interface", ACM (9 quotes, 474 words)
QuoteRef: carrJM9_1988 ;;Carroll, Aaronson, "Learning by doing with simulated intelligent help", ACM (4 quotes, 185 words)
QuoteRef: carrN4_1989 ;;Carriero, Gelernter, "Linda in context", ACM (6 quotes, 221 words)
QuoteRef: cartDG1_1990 ;;Carta, "Two fast implementations of the "minimal standard" random number generator", ACM (1 quote, 20 words)
QuoteRef: cartL5_1978 ;;Carter, Floyd, Gill, Markowsky, Wegman, "Exact and approximate membership testers", ACM, IEEE (3 quotes, 163 words)
QuoteRef: cartR1_1985 ;;Cartwright, "Types as intervals", ACM (5 quotes, 180 words)
QuoteRef: cashPM1_1980 ;;Cashman, Holt, "A communication-oriented approach to structuring the software maintenance environment", ACM (6 quotes, 235 words)
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1966 ;;Chaitin, "On the length of programs for computing finite binary sequences", ACM (1 quote, 49 words)
QuoteRef: chamC4_1995 ;;Chambers, Dean, Grove, "A framework for selective recompilation in the presence of complex intermodule dependencies", ACM, IEEE (2 quotes, 232 words)
QuoteRef: chavE9_2001 ;;Chavez, Navarro, Baeza-Yates, Marroquin, "Searching in metric spaces", ACM (2 quotes, 178 words)
QuoteRef: cheaAM9_2000 ;;Cheadle, Field, Marlow, Peyton Jones, While, "Non-stop Haskell", ACM (3 quotes, 356 words)
QuoteRef: chenPP3_1976 ;;Chen, "The entity-relationship model--toward a unified view of data", ACM (6 quotes, 113 words)
QuoteRef: cherC5_1988 ;;Cherniak, "Undebuggability and cognitive science", ACM (5 quotes, 365 words)
QuoteRef: cherDR12_1993 ;;Cheriton, Skeen, "Understanding the limitations of causally and totally ordered communication", ACM (9 quotes, 745 words)
QuoteRef: cherDR2_1979 ;;Cheriton, Malcolm, Melen, Sager, "Thoth, a portable real-time operating system", ACM (9 quotes, 299 words)
QuoteRef: cherDR3_1988 ;;Cheriton, "The V distributed system", ACM (17 quotes, 929 words)
QuoteRef: cherDR_1976 ;;Cheriton, "Man-machine interface design for timesharing systems", ACM (2 quotes, 33 words)
QuoteRef: chilTM10_1998 ;;Chilimbi, Larus, "Using generational garbage collection to implement cache- conscious data placement", ACM (1 quote, 143 words)
QuoteRef: chinRS3_1991 ;;Chin, Chanson, "Distributed object-based programming systems", ACM (6 quotes, 327 words)
QuoteRef: chocGV12_2001 ;;Chockler, Keidar, Vitenberg, "Group communication specifications: a comprehensive survey", ACM (1 quote, 132 words)
QuoteRef: chouA11_2000 ;;Chou, Chelf, Engler, Heinrich, "Using meta-level compilation to check FLASH protocol code", ACM (6 quotes, 656 words)
QuoteRef: chowFC10_1990 ;;Chow, Hennessy, "The priority-based coloring approach to register allocation ", ACM (1 quote, 90 words)
QuoteRef: chriC8_1966 ;;Christensen, "On the implementation of AMBIT, a language for symbol manipulation", ACM (3 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: chriTW2_2002 ;;Christopher, "What should be in a parallel library", ACM (1 quote, 73 words)
QuoteRef: chunYC1_2000 ;;Chung, Moon, Ebcioglu, Sahlin, "Reducing sweep time for a nearly empty heap", ACM (1 quote, 100 words)
QuoteRef: ciacP4_1993 ;;Ciaccia, Zezula, "Estimating accesses in partitioned signature file organizations", ACM (2 quotes, 101 words)
QuoteRef: ciapE1_1999 ;;Ciapessoni, et al "From formal methods to formally based methods: an industrial experience", ACM (10 quotes, 431 words)
QuoteRef: clarCL5_1997 ;;Clarke, Cormack, "On the use of regular expressions for searching text", ACM (3 quotes, 254 words)
QuoteRef: clarDD12_1995 ;;Clark, "The structuring of systems using upcalls", ACM (11 quotes, 762 words)
QuoteRef: clarDD8_1988 ;;Clark, "The design philosophy of the DARPA Internet protocols", ACM (12 quotes, 824 words)
QuoteRef: clarEM1_1979 ;;Clarke, "Programming language constructs for which it is impossible to obtain good Hoare axiom systems ", ACM (1 quote, 42 words)
QuoteRef: clifC9_1988 ;;Clifton, Garcia-Molina, Hagmann, "The design of a document database", ACM (4 quotes, 216 words)
QuoteRef: clinWD6_1990 ;;Clinger, "How to read floating point numbers accurately", ACM (1 quote, 162 words)
QuoteRef: clouMJ7_1983 ;;Cloutier, Friedman, "Precision averaging for real-time analysis ", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
QuoteRef: coddEF12_1979 ;;Codd, "Extending the database relational model to capture more meaning", ACM (13 quotes, 486 words)
QuoteRef: coddEF2_1982 ;;Codd, "Relational database: A practical foundation for productivity", ACM (6 quotes, 288 words)
QuoteRef: coddEF6_1970 ;;Codd, "A relational model of data for large shared data banks", ACM (14 quotes, 849 words)
QuoteRef: coheJD7_1997 ;;Cohen, "Recursive hashing functions for n-grams", ACM (1 quote, 108 words)
QuoteRef: coheNH10_1991 ;;Cohen, "Technical correspondence: Type-extension type tests can be performed in constant time ", ACM (1 quote, 124 words)
QuoteRef: collC1_1999 ;;Collberg, Thomborson, "Software watermarking: models and dynamic embeddings", ACM (2 quotes, 51 words)
QuoteRef: comeDE11_1986 ;;Comer, Peterson, "Conversation-based mail", ACM (19 quotes, 826 words)
QuoteRef: conrM5_1985 ;;Conrad, "On design principles for a molecular computer", ACM (4 quotes, 272 words)
QuoteRef: conwME7_1963 ;;Conway, "Design of a separable transition-diagram compiler", ACM (4 quotes, 0 words)
QuoteRef: cookCR11_1980 ;;Cook, Kim, "Best sorting algorithm for nearly sorted lists ", ACM (2 quotes, 154 words)
QuoteRef: coopKD9_2001 ;;Cooper, Simpson, Vick, "Operator strength reduction", ACM (5 quotes, 362 words)
QuoteRef: corrA5_2000 ;;Corral, Manolopoulos, Theodoridis, Vassilakopoulos, "Closest pair queries in spatial databases", ACM (1 quote, 87 words)
QuoteRef: corwJ10_2003 ;;Corwin, Bacon, Grove, Murthy, "MJ: a rational module system for Java and its applications", ACM (4 quotes, 424 words)
QuoteRef: cullDE11_1996 ;;Culler, Karp, Patterson, Sahay, Santos, Schauser, Subramonian, von Eicken, "A practical model of parallel computation", ACM (4 quotes, 257 words)
QuoteRef: currG11_1986 ;;Curry, "An approach to type safety in a traits system", ACM, IEEE (4 quotes, 99 words)
QuoteRef: cusuMA6_1997 ;;Cusumano, Selby, "How Microsoft builds software", ACM (5 quotes, 264 words)
QuoteRef: cyphA4_1991 ;;Cypher, "Eager: programming repetitive tasks by example", ACM (2 quotes, 219 words)
QuoteRef: cytrR10_1991 ;;Cytron, Ferrante, Rosen, Wegman, "Efficiently computing static single assignment form and the control dependence graph", ACM (2 quotes, 83 words)
QuoteRef: dahlOJ9_1966 ;;Dahl, Nygaard, "SIMULA, an Algol based simulation language", ACM (1 quote, 0 words)
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