Quote: the object-oriented graphics interface (as in MacDraw) is better than bit-mapped graphics for most direct manipulation applications

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This study used a standardized evaluation to compare … [such as MacDraw and Adobe Illustrator]; and (2) bit-mapped graphics [such as MacPaint and SuperPaint] (object-oriented graphics interfaces are not … Results indicate that the object-oriented graphics interface is … the object-oriented interface are especially pronounced for graphic … [p. 142] [Bit-mapped graphics were only preferred for erasing graphics] … [p. 145] First, excluding art applications, the object- oriented … … [object- oriented interfaces] has limited capabilities for very fine manipulations. … [they] …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: the object-oriented graphics interface (MacDraw) is weak for very fine manipulations, modifying portions of a primitive, and erasing

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