Quote: the probabilistic calling context (PCC) is a hash of the calling context and call site; 3% overhead for Java; e.g., detecting anomalous behavior after a training session

QuoteRef: bondMD10_2007 , p. abstract

debugging by usage rules
execution tracing

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prior online methods for computing calling context, such … and space. This paper introduces a new online … calling context. For millions of unique contexts, a … Java virtual machine. … PCC adds space overhead proportional to the distinct … accurate enough to use in deployed software for … [p. 98] [For the PCC we use] V <- 3 x V + … where V is the current value of the … [p. 100] We statically compute cs for a call … PCC is most applicable to clients that detect … clients can query PCC values and store them. … walks the stack to determine the calling context …   Google-1   Google-2

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