Quote: a computer should be as simple as possible and avoid simultaneous operations as done by existing devices (e.g., add)

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handling complexity
von Neumann computer

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The logical procedure to avoid these long [operation] durations, consists of telescoping operations, that is of carrying out … In addition and subtraction all pairs of corresponding … next step, etc. … Such accelerating, telescoping procedures are being used in … [p. 28] 5.5 For a vacuum tube element device … 5.6 accelerating these arithmetical operations does therefore not … very high speed devices of this kind … Thus it seems worthwhile to consider the following … possible. … [p. 29, sec. 5.7] It is also worth emphasizing that up … Towards acceleration by telescoping processes at the price … try to think out as completely as possible … out consistently the principle formulated in 5.6. We …   Google-1   Google-2

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