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hypertext rhetoric
intertextuality and hypertext
linearization of hypertext
problems with writing hypertext
text markup and structured text
Subtopic: rich, browsable text up

Quote: SuperBook automatically converts text into richly, browsable text [»remdJR11_1987]

Subtopic: linear vs. non-linear text up

Quote: the non-linearizability of a set of choices is length of a complete linearization divided by number of distinct information atoms [»shasD4_1986]
Quote: measure non-linearizability as # of views that require a new ordering [»shasD12_1987]
Quote: linear text & literary contract: few examples, one abstraction level [»shasD12_1987]

Subtopic: guidebook vs. encyclopedia up

Quote: a guidebook is a better Hypertext application than an encyclopedia [»shasD4_1986]

Subtopic: relations up

Quote: write hypertext by indicating relations and their meaning
Quote: establish sequences of hypertext invoked by a user action

Subtopic: different kinds of writing up

Quote: when writing need different modes for different kinds of thinking [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: writing is transforming an associative network, to hierarchy, to linear [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: writing bottom-up during exploration and top-down for hierarchy [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: WE is based on a cognitive model of written communication [»smitJB6_1987]

Subtopic: reader vs. writer up

Quote: in Guide, both readers and authors are the same [»browPJ11_1987]

Subtopic: usability testing up

Quote: added paragraphs and transitions to answer queries that failed in testing

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