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A naming authority is someone who guarantees that all names in a namespace are unique. For example, the telephone company guarantees that everyone has a unique telephone number.

A naming authority manages the associations between namespaces and the assignment of names. Many namespaces share textual and numeric names. For example, the Internet uses textual domain names and numeric IP addresses. All domain names and IP addresses are unique. There is a one-one relationship between the two. (cbb 4/06)

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Quote: XML elements and attributes have two-part names consisting of a URI and local part

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Quote: telephone company provides a naming authority to allocate telephone numbers [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: registrar for a naming domain is its naming authority; top-level registrars assigned by registrar for the naming universe [»suZS8_1982]
Quote: Clearinghouse property names assigned by a naming authority (for ease of merging) [»oppeDC10_1981]
Quote: a Xerox subsidiary sells addresses for ethernet [»giffDK7_1985, OK]

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Quote: if Grapevine is the sole authenticator, users have the same name and password everywhere

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Quote: deal with porn-oriented and other unsavory sites by placing them in a different name space; easily managed with voluntary compliance and fines

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