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Quote: should build large software systems from self-contained software units [»belaLA_1979]
Quote: need to compose large and complex applications from separately developed parts without modification [»stroB_1994]
Quote: use MJ module system to avoid complex CLASSPATH definitions in existing applications; functionally identical, handles different versions, enables optimizations [»corwJ10_2003]
Quote: the goal is to implement and reason about each module separately [»liskB_1996]
Quote: a module is a design decision made before programming starts; it is a responsibility assignment and not a subprogram
Quote: how to divide a program into modules [»parnDL12_1972]

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Quote: a Vesta package is a collection of related files and a system model for building the package [»heydA_2006]
Quote: all versions of a Vesta package are subdirectories of the package directory; individual files are not versioned

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Quote: MJ module component registry with import/export lists, access control, and initialization code [»corwJ10_2003]

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Quote: assembly accessibility allows access from an assembly; i.e., one or more application units with name scoping, class versioning, etc.

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Quote: Limbo programs load modules explicitly: simplifies garbage collection, provides better control, allows multiple implementations [»dorwSM1_1997]
Quote: the 'load' operator takes a module type and the filename of an implementation. It checks that the implementation matches the type

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