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Spacing deliminates tokens and improves readability. Usually spacing is only critical between alphanumerics, but in SNOBOL spacing indicates concatenation. Spacing can be used in long numbers to improve readability. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: syntactic metalanguage includes an explicit concatenate operator so that identifiers can include blanks [»scowRS3_1982]

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QuoteRef: scowRS5_1973 ;;9 using spaces (non-printing character) between number digits makes easier to read e.g., 3.1458 26535 89793

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Quote: word processors often represent spaces by a small dot; simplifies counting and aligning text [»byte4_1982]

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QuoteRef: hallJC5_1974 ;;37 a(3) = "xyz" in SNOBOL is setting an array element while a (3) ="xyz" means "in A look for the third element and replace it by the string "xyz"

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Quote: the tab character is too device-dependent; use a '4-spaces' character for program layout [»stoyJE3_1972]

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Quote: avoid unnecessary spaces

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